10 most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast

10 most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Hard to reach by foot, here’s where to visit them.

The Amalfi Coast and its 13 towns have been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site for their breathtaking landscapes and millenary history, colonizations, watchtowers, the Maritime Republic.

The jagged coasts in particular offers a wonderful view at every curve.

Aside from the trails for trekking lovers and the historical buildings, tourists are mostly attracted by the beaches, both those with facilities and the harder-to-reach ones carved into the rocky coast.

Here you will be able to discover 10 of the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

Some of them can only be reached via boat; for those willing to venture themselves, we therefore suggest to rent a boat on their own, or use the boat taxi service.

People staying in Sorrento can also choose the Amalfi Coast Tour, a private tour which will make you discover the sea around the coast, with stops in Positano and Amalfi. 

Whatever the choice, do not forget to leave early in the morning so you won’t miss the sunny hours on these little sea jewels.

Here you can find the 10 most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast!


Fornillo beach

Sure to be a peaceful haven even in high tourist season, the beach has two Saracen towers on each side and offers unforgettable views for spectacular pictures.


Laurito beach

Named after the great amount of laurel trees found around it, this beach is small and wild. You will only find a small place to eat with probably no room for you, unless you have booked in advance.


Arienzo beach

Right below the villa once belonging to Franco Zeffirelli you can find the Arienzo beach, where the sun stays a bit longer compared to the other beaches in Positano. There is a paid, serviced beach and a free area, your choice!


Furore Fjord

The Furore Fjord is at its best in the peak hours, it almost looks like a northern-european treasure inside the coast, an unforgettable place with clear sea and a free beach. Every year the almost 30mt high bridge above the fjord hosts the Marmeeting, an international diving challenge from the height of 28 metres.


Gavitella Cove

Since the sun leaves the beach quite late, you can stop here in the afternoon and enjoy a great view of Positano, Li Galli islands and Capri. The beach is private and there is a restaurant open for lunch and dinner.


Marina di Praia

Famous for the excellent restaurant and the coolest clubs in the Coast, with an ancient Saracen tower called Torre a Mare (“Tower at the sea”) overlooking it, Marina di Praia is another place best visited at noon, in the most sunny hours.


Duoglio’s beach

Further ahead of Amalfi along the coast, this beach, with the most crystal-clear waters, can be found. Despite the small size, there are two beach facilities and a free beach side.


Atrani beach

This is the smallest town in Italy, Atrani. The town center is located right behind the beach, which is split in two by the river mouth of the Dragone creek, which is dry in the summer. Here, too, the free beach side is really small, and facilities occupy most of the available space.


Lannio beach

East of Cetara, next to the Tuoro Vecchio beach, you can find the Lannio beach. It is said the name comes from a legend about how from here people could hear the lamentations (“lagna”) of the monks who were captured by the Turks. Another version links the name to Lagno, the latin word for pond. Water here is extremely clear, as in all the places around Cetara, and the beach is mainly sandy with some small rocks on the sides.

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