Below Sorrento Trips offers a detailed guide to the 10 things to do and see in the surroundings of Sorrento.

1) Landscapes from Sorrento

The city of Sorrento is located on the southern side of the bay and offers amazing views of the Mount Vesuvius and the Isle of Ischia and Procida. During summer you can admire the sunset from one of the various terraces along the coastline! Do not miss it!

2) Bagni Regina Giovanna

Right at the edge of the town of Sorrento, you can visit (entrance is free of charge) one of the most amazing archaeological site in Sorrento, called Villa Pollio Felice, a roman villa built for the queen Giovanna.
The site also offers a natural swimming pool where you can swim and relax in peace.

3) The Historical centre and Saint Francis Cloister

A walk inside the historical centre in Sorrento is a must! You can lose yourself inside the articulated net of little roads where the local artisans offer their products and you can find unique corners of eternal beauty.
Not far from the historical centre the Saint Francis Cloister, characterized by original arches from the 13th century, deserve a visit.

4) The ancient fishermen village at Marina Grande

The fishermen village at Maria Grande is one of the best-preserved sites in Sorrento.
Walking along the ocean side you can see the local fishermen working and dine in one of the restaurants along the beach.
At the village you can find some of the local shipyard where the locals use to build the classic Sorrentine boats using ancient building techniques.

5) The coastline from sea level

Sorrento is stunning on land, but the coastline is also amazing.
There are not too many sandy beaches in Sorrento, but the coastline is characterized by vertical dark cliffs, due to the volcanic stones and a series of fjords, grottoes and hidden bays. You can visit the coastline with one of our tours, departing from Sorrento

6) Massa Lubrense, the authentic countryside

Massa Lubrense is the little town located at the edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula.
The town is composed by various villages, all of them with a church in the main square where the locals use to meet at the end of the day. The most famous and authentic villages are Nerano, Acquara and San Francesco. If you are going to Massa Lubrense, do not miss the Bellevue at the Annunziata, a panoramic point overlooking the isle of Capri.

7) Pizza and Gelato, walking on the shopping roads

Do not miss a Pizza in Sorrento! The most famous recipe invented in Naples, is extremely popular in Sorrento. Many pizzeria and restaurants are in the historical centre in Sorrento and you can taste the real pizza made in a wooden oven! A refreshing artisanal gelato is a must, to eat during a walk along the shopping roads.

8) Mozzarella, the gastronomic symbol of Sorrento

Mozzarella in Sorrento is incredibly special and is much different from any other mozzarella you may taste in your life! It is freshly made, every day, in local farms or cheese factory (Caseificio in Italian) and you can visit some of them and taste the freshest mozzarella.

9) Limoncello tasting

A milestone in Sorrento is the local Limoncello! The liquor, famous worldwide is made with local lemons and the flavour is really special! Don’t miss a taste in one of the various limoncello shops or visit one of the limoncello’s farm, only with Sorrentotrips.

10) Cooking school in Sorrento

The Sorrentine cuisine is rich of local ingredients, cultivated on the hills and the fantasy of the chefs has no limit. You will have the chance to taste new flavours with a deep immersion in the Italian lifestyle!

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