Boat tour of the Amalfi Coast: which are the unmissable stops?

Giro in barca della Costiera Amalfitana

Does not matter how you look at it and whatever is the point of view, the Amalfi Coast always appears incredibly beautiful to the the traveler.

During the hot season, reaching the most important places of the area directly from the sea is priceless. This is why those who come for their holiday in Campania during the summer do not miss a boat tour on the Amalfi Coast, to be able to combine the pleasure of a walk in one of the many picturesque historic centers with the happiness of a dip in one of the most beautiful seas of our country.

Organizing a boat tour on the Amalfi Coast is not complicated at all: It’s enough to contact a professional company: reliable, competent and with a deep knowledge of the area. On Sorrento Trips website, a tour operator specialized in the organization of private and group boat tours and in self-drive rentals, you will find all the information you need to make your holiday on the Amalfi Coast even more unforgettable.

Boat tour of the Amalfi Coast: where to go and how to organize it

Which are the unmissable stops on a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast? The team of Sorrento Trips has no doubts: below you will find the list of our favourite destinations that they we usually suggest to our customers.

In addition to the unmissable stops, on Sorrento Trips website you will find detailed information on each excursion: the descriptions of all the planned activities, the prices and the models of the boats used and, if necessary, receive assistance to book your favourite tour quickly and easily.

But now let’s discover more about your next destinations!


Ischia giro in barca

Among the most beautiful stops that can be done during a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast there is undoubtedly the splendid Ischia. To visit it and fully enjoy its lively atmosphere it takes at least 3-4 days, but to fall in love with it you just need to admire it from afar, while the boat approaches the coast.

Ischia is the perfect destination for both a romantic getaway and a family vacation: the island offers beauty and fun for everyone. Not to be missed is a tour of Forio, one of the most evocative localities of Ischia, famous for its narrows (the so-called Saracen alleys) that characterize the historic center. There are also beaches for all tastes: from the paradisiacal and scenic ones, like Sorgeto, to the more equipped and easy to be reached, like La Chiaia. And, again, how not to take advantage of the many benefits of Ischia’s thermal waters, for example by staying in one of the island’s thermal parks, such as Giardini Poseidon Terme or Negombo. Finally, village lovers will not be disappointed by a walk in Sant’Angelo, the typical seaside village that seems to have remained anchored in the past.


Capri giro in barca

Reaching Capri by boat means first of all being able to admire closely the immense Faraglioni, as well as being able to swim a short distance from them. But if, on the one hand, Saetta, Stella and Scopolo (those are the names of the rocks) represent the symbols of Capri, as well as one of the things that make it famous all over the world, it must be said that the island offers tourists many other attractions. Starting with the panoramic walks towards the peaks of Monte Tibero and Monte Solaro. Then there is the picturesque center of Anacapri and beautiful and unspoiled beaches such as Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. Also, right on board a boat, it is possible to have one of the most enjoyable experiences, the visit inside the Blue Grotto.

Fiordo di Furore

Fiordo di Furore giro in barca

The Fjord of Furore is by far one of the most photographed places on the Amalfi Coast. It is thanks to the unique landscape and the extraordinary panorama that surrounds it that every year thousands of tourists from all over the world decide to visit it.

The Fjord takes its name from the village of Furore, a place with an irresistible charm which, not surprisingly, has been defined as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This is the inlet created between the two rocks separated by the famous scenic bridge, under which crystal-clear water flows with intense colours. The fjord is located along the state road 163, between Praiano and Conca dei Marini. It can be reached in different ways but arriving near the hidden beach aboard a boat is certainly one of the most deserving experiences to do during a holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

Emerald Grotto

Grotta Smeraldo giro in barca

And here we are in one of the most evocative places that you can explore during a holiday on the Amalfi Coast. The Grotta dello Smeraldo is located in the territory of Conca dei Marini and can be reached both from the state road 163 and from the sea. Being able to access it by boat, when the sea is calm and the sunlight filters through the rocks, is really exciting. In addition to the colour of the water, which inside the cave lights up with a thousand different shades (hence the name “Emerald”), the show is given by the rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites that can be admired in the walls of the cave and which reveal the long work that the sea has done over the centuries.


Positano giro in barca

Another of the most fascinating places to reach on a boat trip of the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Also in this case, there are many things to see: among the main monuments there are the church of Santa Maria Assunta, with the beautiful dome covered with majolica, and the numerous Saracen towers, which were used to monitor and protect the coast from enemy attacks. Positano is famous for its beaches, such as Marina Grande, Fornillo and Laurito. Finally, for trekking enthusiasts we remind you that the Path of the Gods passes from Positano, a naturalistic path that connects some of the most panoramic points of the coast.


Amalfi Sea giro in barca.jpg

Any respectable boat tour of the Amalfi Coast cannot avoid including the splendid Amalfi and its main stops. The town, which is by far one of the most popular Italian places for travelers from all over the world, is the perfect destination to be visited by walking, and it takes very little to be enchanted by its historic center. Amalfi has a long list of unmissable monuments and cultural sites: starting from the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea and the Cloister of Paradise, to the many sites where you can learn more about the glorious history of the city, such as the Paper Museum and the Arsenal. In addition to its commercial importance, Amalfi in the past also had a strategic military and defensive role: still today, one of the most important places to visit in the city is the Torre dello Ziro, the watchtower that was also the prison of Joan of Aragon.

The beauty and elegance of Amalfi, however, do not end in the historic center, but continue along the coast. That’s why landing in Amalfi on a boat tour is an experience not to be missed.

If you can’t wait to reach the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast on a boat, we invite you to have a look to the many tours that Sorrento Trips organizes for groups and individuals. As you will see, the offer on the site is very wide and is designed to satisfy all types of travellers, including the most demanding.

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