Campania islands: how to choose the right one?

Do you want to organize a holiday in one of the Campania islands but you don’t know which one to choose? Are you planning a trip but you are undecided between Capri, Ischia and Procida? We can understand: deciding the right destination, in this case, is not at all easy because they are all wonderful destinations. Each island, in fact, has a different soul and a very special charm.

If you are looking for suggestions and indications, in this article we will describe the peculiarities of each of them and their main characteristics. In this way, it will be easier to find the right location for you for an unforgettable travel experience!

Campania islands: which one to choose for a holiday or a trip

Sea, relaxation, nature, breathtaking landscapes: this and more can offer the Campania Islands, real jewels of a historical and naturalistic character, and a destination for many tourists every year.

There are five islands of the archipelago but, as we will see, those of tourist interest are purely three: Ischia, Capri and Procida. Nisida, in fact, belonging to the municipality of Naples, cannot be visited, while for Vivara it is necessary to inquire at the municipality of Procida to find out if it is possible to book a guided tour.

By continuing to read you will discover the main characteristics of Ischia, Capri and Procida and, if you really can’t choose one, no one prevents you from exploring all three through wonderful boat tours, a unique opportunity to see the beauties of these islands during a trip to the sea!


Isola d'Ischia

Ischia is the largest of the Campania Islands: made up of six municipalities, it covers an area of ​​about 46 square kilometers. Staying in this location allows you to access numerous activities and attractions, given the breadth of the area, and it certainly takes a few days to explore it far and wide. However, it is also possible to opt for a one-day sightseeing boat tour, during which to discover the main points of interest. In this regard, we have dedicated a previous article to the topic of how much it costs to rent a boat.

Ischia is the island that offers the largest number of beaches. There are different types, for all tastes and needs, from the largest beaches to the smaller and less frequented coves, not to mention the beaches with thermal springs, one of the peculiarities of this area. Baia di Sorgeto, for example, is a beach of this type, where it is possible, through free access, to enjoy a relaxing bath thanks to the effect given by the meeting of the fresh sea water with the thermal one, which flows very hot from the subsoil.

In addition to the splendid beaches, tourists are drawn to the millenary history and suggestive villages, including the famous Village of Sant’Angelo, defined as a sort of “island within the island”. Among the other attractions not to be missed we mention the Aragonese Castle, symbol of Ischia, and the various spa gardens, the most famous of which are the Poseidon Gardens.


Isola di Capri

Among the Campania islands, Capri is the most exclusive and glamorous one. Destination of the international jet set, it stands out for its worldly atmosphere, boutiques and trendy clubs.

Divided into the municipalities of Capri and Anacapri, this destination offers many historical and naturalistic points of interest.

Appreciated and frequented already in Roman times, today on the island it is possible to admire Villa Jovis, for example, a famous residence that belonged to the Emperor Tiberius. Among the things to see in Capri there are the Faraglioni, three rocky boulders immersed in the sea that have become a symbol of the island, Piazza Umberto I, known as the famous and very popular Piazzetta, and clearly Anacapri, which has a more intimate and reserved soul. compared to the neighboring municipality.

In Capri you will find mostly small pebble beaches, not large sandy beaches. The presence of a rocky bottom makes the colors of the sea waters truly spectacular. The coast also has several coves and caves, the most famous of which is the Blue Grotto, a magical place where you can only access on board small boats led by expert boatmen. The cave is famous all over the world because, thanks to an underground cavity from which light penetrates, the water inside is tinged with an intense blue.


Isola di Procida

Procida is smaller than Capri and Ischia, but it will amaze you with its timeless atmosphere, colorful houses and Mediterranean landscapes.

This location is perfect for those looking for a quiet and less mundane place to spend moments of total relaxation. Like Ischia, it is certainly ideal for families with children.

Famous for being chosen as the setting for the film Il Postino, the last shot by Massimo Troisi, and for being named Capital of Culture 2022, this island can be explored in one day, during a trip, but the ideal is to spend it at least a weekend.

Among the things to see in Procida we mention the port of Marina Grande, one of the most popular areas, where you can find bars, restaurants and services, Terra Murata, a small medieval village built about 90 meters above sea level, and the village of Corricella, a typical fishing village full of restaurants, bars and craft shops.

Vivara e Nisida

Isola di Nisida

Vivara and Nisida are also part of the Campania islands. Vivara is an islet connected to Procida by a pedestrian bridge. Today it houses an important nature reserve and can only be visited by appointment, at certain times. At this time, for example, Vivara cannot be visited, so it is always a good idea to inquire with the municipality of Procida to find out if it is possible to organize an excursion or not.

Nisida, on the other hand, is a small island that rises off the Posillipo promontory. Home to a juvenile prison, it is not accessible to tourists.

Visit the Campania islands on a boat tour

The Campania islands can also be visited during a boat trip. For example, if you have chosen the Amalfi Coast as a base for your stay, you can take part in a private boat tour that allows you to reach and explore them in one day.

Sorrento Trips, a local tour operator specializing in the rental of boats, convertible cars and scooters, organizes many boat tours that allow you to visit these islands. Examples are Capri tour, Ischia tour and Ischia and Procida boat tour, which allows you to see both, given their proximity to each other.

The boats made available are all equipped with a skipper, who is included in the price: he will take care of the conduction of the vehicle and its management, while you can relax and enjoy this magnificent experience in the waves.

The boats are equipped with all safety devices and also with pleasant comforts such as the presence of a minibar with a wide choice of drinks. If you wish, then Sorrento Trips will provide you with snorkeling equipment – always included in the rate – to admire the seabed during a swim.

To find out more, you can visit the page dedicated to private boat tours and group boat tours and choose the option that suits you best!

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