Music & parties on the Amalfi Coast are an interesting side of your colourful holiday, if you like festive environment and amazing landscapes. We use to spend most of the time, especially in summer, at sea level and, even if the coastline is not configurated with big sandy beaches as you may find in California...
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Marina Grande Sorrento
If you would like to experience the best food in the region, eating at sea level the freshest catch of the day and the typical recipes from our region, we can fulfil your desires. Sorrentotrips offers several choices that will delight you and your guests in the most beautiful location along the coastline. Sailing along...
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Capri Clock Tower
The most exclusive destination connected to the world of luxury is the isle of Capri Since the roman times the emperor Tiberius used to go there for his holidays and built more than 10 villas for himself and for the nobility in his age. During the 19th and 20th Century the most famous American actors,...
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Positano the italian dolcevita
From the beginning of the 20th century the city of Positano has been recognized worldwide as symbol of the Italian dolcevita. Every year thousands of visitors use to reach the “vertical town” get lost in the labyrinth of narrow roads, walking along the pedestrian area, full of luxury boutiques and artisanal shops, cafes, art galleries....
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Marriage Proposal Sorrento Capri Boat
Experience a romantic wedding proposal on board our splendid boats Would you like to surprise your girlfriend, your future wife, your loved ones or celebrate a special romantic occasion with us? Choose our romantic tour to spend an unforgettable day at sea with us. We can sail in the morning or at sunset time in...
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Sparviero Grey Pearl Rent Boat
Boat Tours: Prices for Capri, Sorrento Coast and Amalfi Coast. 2020 Best offers! Compare prices and book your boat trip on Sorrento Trips… Campania is waiting for you ! Available: Capri Boat Tour Pompei Boat Tour Positano Boat Tour Amalfi Boat Tour Ischia Boat Tour Procida Boat Tour Fishing Boat Tour Sunset Tour by boat...
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Sorrento Coast Capri full immersion
Fishing, snorkeling e birdwatching: all the activities you can practice on a day at sea If you love nature or water sports and want to have a deeper experience in the Sorrento coast and Capri, you should try at least one of these surprising experiences. The Sorrento coast is considered to have one of the...
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Ieranto Bay Boat Tour
Sorrento beaches What you need to know about the best beaches to see in Sorrento and surroundings. Embark on the discovery of the five most exclusive beaches of the peninsula and the coast: Sorrento’s beaches: what to know The best 5 beaches to see by boat Sorrento: what to know about the best beaches to...
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Capri Boat Tour from Sorrento
Capri Boat Trip from Sorrento: why choose a private trip over ferries 3 tips for a perfect trip to Capri Getting to Capri from Sorrento might be a tiring experience in the summer or during holidays like Easter vacations, April 25th or May 1st. Private boat tours like the Capri Tour from Sorrento are a...
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