Cooking lessons in Sorrento: interview

Michael and Laura Interview about Cooking Class in Sorrento

Our Guest’s Interview…
We are pleased to share with you the interview to Michael and Laura, our guests at the cooking class we just did.

Sorrento Trips: Hi Michael, Hi Laura, how are you today?

Michael: Buongiorno! We are very happy to be here in Sorrento! It is our second visit to this beautiful city; we were here 22 years ago when we were just engaged and now we are here with our children.

Sorrento Trips: Has the city changed since your last visit?

Laura: Not really, of course there are some differences, new restaurants and more tourists all around the city, but we found the same heart-warming hospitality and amazing landscapes.
We are now here with the entire family and is great to share with them emotion and stories about the place where we fell in love for the first time

Sorrento Trips: Why did you choose to do a cooking class with Sorrento trips?

Laura & Michael: We liked the program of the cooking class and the authenticity of the experience. The booking process was very easy, and price is good!
The program is very interesting and complete and the villa is really beautiful, full of flowers and nice Mediterranean plants.

Sorrento Trips: Has it been your first cooking class?

Laura: Well, I did some cooking courses in the past, but nothing to compare with that one! The Italian cooking is a different level! They use products and vegetables directly from the garden. I’ve never cooked before in my life something taken directly from the three or from a garden.

Michael: It was the first time for me, and I didn’t expect so much fun! Everything seems to be so easy with Luigi (the chef) and I really enjoyed the red wine from the house.

Sorrento Trips: Which recipe or product did you like most?Laura: I love making the homemade pasta and all the family liked it! When I’ll go back home, I’ll try Luigi’s wonderful recipes to make a real Italian Lasagna, with fresh tomato sauce.

Michael: I think that the olive oil from Sorrento make the difference! It is perfect for any recipe and in very light and tasty! For sure we will buy several bottles before going home!

Sorrento Trips: Would you recommend our cooking class?

Laura & Michael: The experience is amazing and authentic; we definitively recommend this experience to our friends and to all the tourist coming to Sorrento! The Cooking class is the perfect experience for families and couples; it is funny and the staff involve all the participants, younger and older, and open your mind to the real Italian cooking style and traditions.

The dinner under the patio is a very special touch and we won’t forget the magical atmosphere for long time.

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