How to get to Punta Campanella with our advice

If you want to enrich your holiday with a full immersion experience in contact with the nature and get close to the rarest and most important protected marine species, you will not be disappointed by what the Sorrento Peninsula can offer to you. We are thinking, in particular, about Punta Campanella, whose name refers to the extreme tip of the peninsula, but which actually delimits a vast territory belonging above all to the municipality of Massa Lubrense. It is an area that has been inhabited since ancient times by the various populations that have succeeded each other in the region and which, not surprisingly, was considered a strategic area both from a military and a commercial point of view.

In 1997, Punta Campanella was declared a marine protected area. The reserve occupies about 40 km between the coast and the sea in which it is immersed. The area is particularly popular with tourists for its beaches and for the beautiful scenic trails perfect for hiking and diving. But how to get to Punta Campanella? Let’s find out all the possible options one by one!


How to get to Punta Campanella

Come raggiungere Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella is the most extreme area of ​​the Sorrento Peninsula and there are many ways to reach it. Therefore, if you are planning a trip in this area, you have several options to choose from, some of them are quicker and more fun and others are a little less easy but still feasible. We will list all of them below.


By trains and public transport

How to get to Punta Campanella if you don’t have your own vehicle? Using the public transport is not complicated even if it requires some organization to make connections in time and avoid unnecessary waiting between one change and another.

If the starting point is Naples, take the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento and, from there, continue with the SITA company bus to Massa Lubrense (Termini).


By car

Come raggiungere Punta Campanella in auto

To get to Punta Campanella from Naples by your own car, just take the motorway A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria and take the “Castellammare di Stabia” exit. From there it is necessary to continue on the state road 145 in the direction of Sorrento and then of Massa Lubrense.

From Naples you can get to the reserve in less than two hours and just over 60 kilometres.

If you want to reach Punta Campanella from Salerno, you can choose between two roads: the first, much faster, follows the A3 motorway to the Castellammare exit and continues with the SS145. The second, more panoramic but longer (it takes about two and a half hours), is the state road 163 which runs along the Amalfi Coast, passing through all the most important and tourist locations.


By scooter/motorcycle

Come raggiungere Punta Campanella in scooter

Are you on holiday on the Amalfi Coast and you don’t want to drive a car or are you worried about having to look for a parking space or getting stuck in traffic? No fear! There is an easier and more pleasant solution and it is the scooter!

On the Sorrento Trips website, a tour operator specialized in scooter rental and in the organization of private and group boat tours on the Amalfi Coast, you can book your favourite scooter quickly, easily and safely. Once you are on board the scooter, don’t worry anymore: in a short time you will reach Punta Campanella reserve and, along the way, you can stop and make all the detours you want to take a photo or to admire the extraordinary beauty of the landscape. For sure, a way of moving around much more comfortable than the one offered by the four wheels.

If you are still not sure, take a look at this post in which we have summarized the many reasons why it is highly suggested to visit the Amalfi Coast on a scooter and which are the most beautiful itineraries to do by motorbike.

By boat

Come raggiungere Punta Campanella in barca

How to get to Punta Campanella if not in the most fun and romantic way that exists? Just choose one of the boat tours organized by Sorrento Trips to sail in one of the most beautiful seas of Italy and indulge yourself with diving off the coast of the protected marine area or the suggestive bay of Ieranto.

From the boat you will enjoy a privileged point of view over the entire coast of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, including bays, coves and headlands. An original way to explore your destination and immerse yourself in the uncontaminated nature of the Campania region.

On the Sorrento Trips website, you will find different tours designed for different kinds of travellers and for all budgets. You can reach wonderful islands such as Capri, Ischia, Procida starting from Sorrento, or suggestive natural paradises such as the Punta Campanella reserve or the famous Furore fjord.

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