How to visit the Amalfi Coast? The best ways to get around

Come visitare la Costiera AmalfitanaA journey to discover the most evocative and renowned locations of the Amalfi Coast is the perfect gift for any occasion. If you are a lonely traveler or if you always go around with your partner, if you love off-season departures or if you prefer the classic summer holiday, the Amalfi Coast will satisfy all your needs.

However, in addition to carefully planning the itinerary of the places to see and carefully choosing where to stay, it is also necessary to think in time about how to move between one location and another. The comfort of travel, in fact, can greatly affect the success of the holiday, especially in high season. Therefore, in this guide on how to visit the Amalfi Coast we want to give you some tips for the choice of your means of transport.

Visit the Amalfi Coast by scooter

Visitare la Costiera Amalfitana in scooter

How to visit the Amalfi Coast if not with a vehicle that seems to be done to enjoy the wonderful temperatures that the region offers for most of the year?

The pleasure of the sun in your face is not the only reason why it is worth choosing the scooter as a means of moving from one location to another.

Especially if you plan to visit the Amalfi Coast during late spring and summer, the scooter will allow you to move easily and quickly even on the busiest streets. Not to mention the ease with which you will be able to find parking even close to places of interest, beaches or the most popular places.

In general, moving around the Amalfi Coast on a scooter allows a complete freedom of movement, as well as the ability to reach places that are off the beaten track.

Why to rent a scooter to visit the Amalfi Coast

Noleggiare uno scooter per visitare la Costiera Amalfitana

If the idea of ​​moving from one place to another on two wheels excites you and you can’t wait to start your trip, you just have to choose the operator that will assist you during your holiday.

For the scooter rental on the Amalfi Coast, we suggest you have a look to the proposals and offers of Sorrento Trips, a tour operator specialized in the rental of scooters and convertible cars. Among the many models available you will surely find the one that’s right for you. Furthermore, the Sorrento Trips staff will provide you with all the support you need to identify the most advantageous conditions for the rental.

So here are the reasons why it is convenient to rent a scooter with Sorrento Trips:

  • To be able to get the best rates on the market
  • To count on the competence and experience of a trained staff
  • 24 hours customer assistance service
  • Widespread presence on the territory
  • Possibility to choose between different scooter models
  • Possibility to choose between different payment methods

Itineraries on the Amalfi Coast to do by motorbike and scooter

Itinerari scooter Costiera AmalfitanaWith the full freedom and autonomy of movement that the rented scooter can give, it is possible to build an infinite number of itineraries to discover our region. Furthermore, if you travel in the low season, you can also plan stage by stage on the spot, based on what inspires you on the road.

The Amalfi Coast, then, really fits with the taste of any traveler: whether you are a beach lover, or you like remote villages or, again, you prefer cultural and historical destinations, here you will not be disappointed at all.

In this regard, in a previous post, we have recommended some of the most beautiful itineraries to do by motorbike or scooter. You may, for example, reach Pompeii and therefore travel northwards along the Sorrento peninsula. Or, take the classic tour to the towns and villages of the Amalfi Coast up to Vietri sul Mare. Or, again, we suggest an itinerary to discover the most beautiful beaches of the region.

Visit the Amalfi Coast by car

Costiera Amalfitana in auto cabriolet

The second advice we want to give you in our guide on how to visit the Amalfi Coast is to move between the various places of interest by car.

In fact, if the scooter is the means that facilitates ease and in some cases also speed, the car, by its side, is certainly the most comfortable and also the safest means of transport, expecially during the night. Moreover, it is also what allows you to make longer journeys in reasonable times: it is not excluded, in fact, that during your holiday on the Amalfi Coast you want to stop in beautiful but more distant places such as Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum or Salerno.

If you are on holiday with your partner, your trip deserves something extra special and absolutely original: what about traveling by convertible car?

Why should you rent a convertible car to visit the Amalfi Coast

Noleggiare un auto cabrio

If you like the idea of ​​driving along the beautiful scenic roads of the Amalfi coast with the wind in your hair, we suggest you have a look at the Sorrento Trips offers for convertible car rental on the Amalfi Coast.

On the website you will find different options and different models and it will be a real pleasure to be able to choose the one that suits you best. In addition, if you want to rent a convertible car for just a few hours or for one evening, for example to celebrate an anniversary or a special birthday, you can do so at the best conditions.

As for scooter rental, also in this case, with Sorrento Trips you can enjoy numerous advantages, including:

  • Excellent rates depending on the car model chosen
  • Wide selection of convertible cars among the newest models on the market
  • All the most important options for your safety and those around you
  • Widespread presence on the territory
  • Assistance service available 24 hours a day

Itineraries on the Amalfi Coast to do by car

Itinerari auto Costiera Amalfitana

We close our guide on how to visit the Amalfi Coast with some tips on the most scenic and fascinating itineraries to try by car.

There are so many and varied routes that you can follow on the Amalfi Coast on four wheels. In particular, we have three suggestions to make your holiday even more unforgettable: you could, for example, plan an unusual itinerary to discover the villages and small towns further away from the coast, which still retain their authentic charm. Or, if you are a lover of good food, you could plan gastronomic stops, depending on the specialties you would like to try. Finally, if you do not have many days to dedicate to your trip to the Amalfi Coast, you could follow an itinerary between Amalfi and the main localities that are in the surroundings, that rapresent some of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

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