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Cosa vedere a Ischia

The unmissable stops of a boat tour in Ischia

Ischia, the largest of the Campania Islands, attracts many tourists every year thanks to its millenary history, the beautiful beaches and the thermal springs that characterize this territory. It is a popular destination not only for those who choose it as a location for their holiday, but also for tourists who, while staying elsewhere, wish to reach it for a day trip.

Those staying in the Sorrento Peninsula, for example, can take part in a boat tour to visit the main attractions of the island. It is a wonderful experience to share with your family, friends or sweetheart and that you cannot miss if you are in these areas. There are several realities that offer this type of service, for example Sorrento Trips, a local tour operator, thanks to which you can experience unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation.

In this article we will discover all the stops not to be missed during a boat tour in Ischia to capture the flavor, beauty and atmosphere of this magnificent place.

What to see during a boat tour in Ischia

Ischia offers tourists many wonders that are worth visiting. Clearly, to explore it far and wide, a stay of several days would be needed, but a well-organized boat tour still allows you to see some of the most beautiful and characteristic places and to grasp the special atmosphere of the island.

You just have to keep reading and take note of all the points of interest where you can stop during the trip, from the Aragonese Castle to the Bay of Sorgeto.

Aragonese Castle

Castello Aragonese Ischia

The Aragonese Castle is one of the most important symbols of Ischia. This ancient fortress, with centuries of history behind it, stands on an islet of rock and is connected to Ischia by a brick bridge. It is one of the most popular destinations for visitors, also because from here it is possible to enjoy a beautiful panorama.

The construction was born in 474 BC, but it was in 1441 that, thanks to the Aragonese, it became the castle we know today. In this period strong fortifications and walls were built for defensive purposes, which allowed the people of Ischia to find shelter against pirates. It was therefore a real citadel. During the war events of the nineteenth century, the fortress was reduced to rubble and years of neglect followed, until, in 1912, it was bought at auction. Since then it has been managed by private individuals, who have started a series of restorations that led to the opening to the public of a large part of the structure in the late nineties.

The castle can be visited all year round and it is possible to participate in guided tours. For more information on rates and timetables, you can consult the fortress website.

Bay of  Maronti

Maronti Ischia

Another unmissable stop on a boat tour in Ischia is the suggestive Bay of Maronti, where you can take a swim in the crystal clear waters.

This beach is about 3 kilometers long and is surrounded by a belt of hills rich in vegetation: a wonderful natural spectacle. It is one of the most famous beaches on the island. Recall that Ischia offers tourists many beaches, each different from the other, from the widest and most sandy to the smallest ones.

Furthermore, on the Maronti beach, going in the direction of Borgo Sant’Angelo, it is possible to witness the phenomenon of fumaroles, due to the volcanic activity of this area.

Borgo di Sant’Angelo

Borgo di Sant'Angelo Ischia

Those who visit Ischia on the occasion of a boat trip cannot fail to stop at Sant’Angelo, one of the most picturesque corners, located a few steps from the Bay of Maronti.

An ancient fishing village, today it is an exclusive and elegant destination. It is a small quiet village, completely pedestrianized, characterized by a very busy square, around which you will find luxury boutiques, shops and restaurants where you can taste local specialties. Not surprisingly, Sant’Angelo is called “the little Capri” because of its similarity to this locality. A large rock island called Torre di Sant’Angelo is connected to the village through an isthmus of land.

Bay of Sorgeto

Baia di Sorgeto

Ischia is also famous for its thermal springs, used since ancient times for healing purposes or to indulge in some relaxation. Another attraction not to be missed, therefore, is undoubtedly the Bay of Sorgeto, one of the most characteristic places on the island.

It is a real open-air thermal park, where you can freely access. In fact, in this inlet, the thermal water gushes from the subsoil at very high temperatures and mixes with the cooler water of the sea, creating a mixture of hot / cold, fresh and salt water. A unique opportunity to enjoy a free reinvigorating and anti-stress bath, leaving behind the strains of everyday life.

Book a boat tour of Ischia with Sorrento Trips

If you are on holiday in the Sorrento Peninsula and want to spend an unforgettable day discovering the surroundings, why not book a private boat tour to Ischia with Sorrento Trips, a local company specializing in boat, car and scooter rental?

Departing from Sorrento, we will sail towards Ischia to explore the main points of interest of the island. The trip lasts 8 hours and is private, which means that the boat will be at your complete disposal.

The price includes the presence of a skipper, who will take care of the boat and its management, and other pleasant comforts such as a well-stocked minibar and snorkeling equipment.

Since Ischia and Procida are very close, you could also opt for the tour that allows you to visit both in one day. With the boat tour to Ischia and Procida, in fact, you can also explore the beauties of Procida, called the Italian Capital of Culture 2022 and famous for being chosen as the setting for the film Il Postino with Massimo Troisi.

Whichever tour you choose, the boat tour is a unique experience because it will allow you to have an exclusive view of these locations, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples. There are many boat trips offered by Sorrento Trips. With Capri tour, for example, you can discover the wonders of Capri, while with the tour to Positano and Amalfi you will see the two pearls of the Amalfi Coast in just one day.

For more information and details on all the proposals offered, please consult the page dedicated to Sorrento Trips boat tours or contact the staff for questions and curiosities.

Ischia ponte veduta dal Castello Aragonese

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