Luxury Shopping in Capri

Capri Clock TowerThe most exclusive destination connected to the world of luxury is the isle of Capri

Since the roman times the emperor Tiberius used to go there for his holidays and built more than 10 villas for himself and for the nobility in his age.

During the 19th and 20th Century the most famous American actors, artists, famous people and politicians, billionaires used to populate the isle and a shopping tour in Capri is one of the most interesting activity to do during a walk in the city centre.


A pretty road, only for pedestrian is the hearth of the town.
Here you can find the Anema & Core night club, famous for the lively atmosphere and live music and the Hotel Quisisana, the most representative hotels in Capri, one of the older and most famous.
If you love shopping and visiting fashion brands boutiques, you can find the most exclusive stores, such as Chanteclair or BulgarI, famous for the jewels and precious stones.
Many of the international brands have their boutiques in Capri and in the city centre are located the Louis Vuitton boutique, Dior collection, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta and Hermes and many other interesting stores.


If you are looking for something very exclusive, we suggest to have a look at  100% Capri, a boutique stores, a local brand of clothes and accessories, in line with the style of the isle, elegant, exclusive, with the highest quality.
Antonio Viva, famous for the handmade leather sandals or Capri People, a very nice sunglasses boutique.
If you love shopping for yourself or if you want to surprise your lover or your friend with a very special gift, Capri is the perfect place.

The unique variety of items and the beauty of the products reflects the highest quality of the boutiques on the isle.

Our personal shopper may assist you during your day on the isle.


After walking along Via Camerelle and discovering the shopping roads, you can reach the famous Piazzetta, the best place for a drink or a coffee, overlooking the tourists mixing with the locals in a multicultural warm environment.
The festive atmosphere on the isle, mixed with the beauty of the landscape, the blue ocean around the isle and the crystal azure waters make your day in Capri unforgettable.

Discovering the best sites with Sorrento trips, you will be involved in a multisensorial experience to enhance your holiday in our beautiful region!

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