Marina Grande & Nerano…From the net to the table!

Marina Grande Sorrento
Marina Grande Sorrento

If you would like to experience the best food in the region, eating at sea level the freshest catch of the day and the typical recipes from our region, we can fulfil your desires.

Sorrentotrips offers several choices that will delight you and your guests in the most beautiful location along the coastline.

Sailing along the coast we can visit some of the most amazing fishermen villages and explore the trattorias and the cafes at the port, or located in some secluded bays in Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast.


The most interesting villages are Marina Grande in Sorrento and the bay of Nerano, located at the edge of the Amalfi Coast. There is a fantastic variety of seafood restaurants in both villages, and plenty of spots offerings alternatives for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan choices.
Pasta, cooked in different ways, is always available, almost everywhere.
Local wines and international labels accompany the tasting to make this gastronomic experience unforgettable!
One of the most famous recommended plates is spaghetti with Vongole (shells) in Marina grande and Pasta with Zucchine at the bay of Nerano


Most of the restaurants let you choose the fishes directly from the window, proudly showing many varieties of local fishes catches the night before. Sometimes they also have lobsters, tiny lobster, local red shrimps and more fried specialities.

The unmissable “Caprese Salad” is a real must as a starter, thanks to the Sorrentine Tomatoes, typical in our region, but they also have pumpkin flowers filled with Ricotta cheese, grilled fishes and calamari and fresh Mozzarella cheese.


Don’t miss a local typical dessert, such as the Caprese cake with almonds and chocolate, the lemon delicious or the Neapolitan Babà… always accompanied with a sip of homemade Limoncello, the most famous spirit in our region!


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