Music and parties on the Amalfi Coast

Music & parties on the Amalfi Coast are an interesting side of your colourful holiday, if you like festive environment and amazing landscapes.
We use to spend most of the time, especially in summer, at sea level and, even if the coastline is not configurated with big sandy beaches as you may find in California or in Australia, the Amalfi Coast offers a huge variety of amazing spots to party, drink and have fun in very enjoyable atmosphere!

La conca del sogno

An amazing private bay located at the edge of the Amalfi Coast is only reachable by boat and a visit to “La Conca del Sogno” is one of the highlights of a boat excursion with Sorrentotrips.
Here you can find one of the greatest restaurant along the coast. Early booking is warmly recommended.
A panoramic solarium surrounded by water offer the possibility to spend an entire day, or just few hours taking the sun and sipping champagne or drinking your favourite cocktail in a lively atmosphere…

Light music makes the environment even more special

A refreshing swim before landing at the restaurant to taste the delicious Pasta with Zucchine, homemade ravioli, the freshest speciality from the Mediterranean served by the attentive staff  is the perfect way be involved in the Italian Dolcevita.

In the afternoon the rhythm of the music rises, and people dance and have fun, waiting for the Sunset…

The Restaurant is also open for special events, weddings, parties

One fire beach in Praiano

If you would explorer the deeper side of the Amalfi Coast you can reach from Sorrento, from Capri, from Positano or from Amalfi the “One Fire Beach” in Praiano.
While the Conca del Sogno is more sophisticated, The beach club “One fire Beach” in Praiano, at la Gavitella beach is recommended for guests between 25 and 50 years old and people looking for a both relaxing and fun at one of the best and most panoramic beach clubs on the Amalfi Coast.

Music in Praiano

From early in the morning you can take the sun and relaxing on the seaside, swim, have lunch in one of the restaurants at La Gavitella Beach in Praiano and, when the music start to rise, dance and play with you friends and with the staff that make the day even more special, with games, the watermelon tasting and jokes with the water.

Fun on the boat

At the end of the day you can return on board to sail again, swim, visit the beautiful grottoes, the secluded bays, watch the coastline from the boat and take pictures in the coolest spots on the Amalfi Coast.

Time for swimming and enjoy the boat is always included and the captains will take care of everything all day long.

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