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Renting a boat with a skipper: all the advantages of this solution

If you are on vacation on the Amalfi Coast and want to spend a special day in the company of your family, friends or your other half, what could be better than a boat trip?

If you do not have a boat license or do not feel like driving the vehicle, it does not mean that you have to give up this magnificent experience. The solution, in fact, is to rent a boat with a skipper!

After having seen how much it costs to rent a boat, in this article we will find out what are the advantages of renting one with a skipper, we will see who this figure is and who to contact to take advantage of this service.

Who is the skipper?

Before understanding why it is convenient to rent a boat with a skipper, let’s get to know this professional and his duties better.

First of all, the term “skipper” means the one who is responsible for running the boat. It is therefore the person who has command over the vehicle and the crew and who holds the responsibility for them.

When you get on a boat with a professional skipper, you rely on an expert figure in navigation who, in addition to having a nautical license, has completed a specific training course (with exam to pass) that has allowed her to acquire all the necessary skills to properly manage any situation.

Furthermore, the skipper knows perfectly the vehicle he has to drive, the technical details that concern him and knows how to properly maneuver the safety and rescue equipment. Not only that: consult the weather reports, nautical charts and manage all the necessary documentation.

For all these reasons, the skipper is also often chosen by those who have a boat license but, not having enough experience behind them, they prefer to enjoy their holiday in peace and leave the honor of managing the situation to others.

Why rent a boat with a skipper and what are the advantages?

Rent a boat with skipper

From how we can understand, therefore, having a professional skipper available brings numerous advantages. When you are on vacation, in fact, you have the desire to completely relax, abandoning thoughts and worries, and then return to daily life rested and regenerated. Here are all the reasons why you should consider a skippered boat even if you have a boat license.

Maximum safety and relaxation

Renting a boat with a skipper responds to the need to enjoy the trip with complete peace of mind. In fact, we are sure to rely on an expert and capable person, who guarantees our safety on the boat and who is able to cope with any unforeseen events.

You can therefore indulge in relaxation, together with family and friends, without the burden of responsibility that involves running a similar vehicle. We remember, in fact, that the nautical license is not enough to be able to cope with any eventuality at sea – be it a change in weather conditions, a difficult mooring, a complicated maneuver, to give some examples – but the right expertise is needed.

Receive advice on destinations to visit

Let’s not forget that the skipper is a great connoisseur of the places he navigates, so he will be able to indicate to tourists the most interesting places to visit, also based on their preferences and requests. He will be able to suggest the most beautiful destinations, the most hidden and little known bays, the typical places not to be missed and much more. In particular, if you want a quiet area away from mass tourism, he will certainly be able to recommend the most suitable destinations and the activities you could do.

Learn more about navigation

If you have a nautical license, why not take this opportunity to learn more about navigation techniques from an expert? If you have recently obtained it, in particular, acquiring valuable advice from a capable professional is a great way to hone your knowledge, with the aim of putting it to use on another occasion.

How much does it cost to rent a boat with a skipper?

Sorrento Trips, a local tour operator specializing in the rental of boats, scooters and convertible cars, offers private tours and group tours, where the boat is always equipped with a skipper. The cost of the skipper, in this case, is included in the rental price, which changes according to the type of experience chosen. This is determined by factors such as the duration of the trip, the distance to be covered, the number of participants, the vehicle chosen and the port of embarkation. Furthermore, private tours have a different cost than group tours.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to rent a dinghy, in this case the skipper is not provided on board, but you can request it with a surcharge to be added to the rental cost of the vehicle. The dinghy is generally the option chosen by those wishing to organize a trip in full autonomy and many of the models available to us do not require a boat license.

Rent a skippered boat with Sorrento Trips to explore the Amalfi Coast

Sorrento Trips tours are a comfortable and fun solution to explore the Amalfi Coast by boat, but also to visit neighboring towns such as Capri, Ischia and Procida. With private tours you will have the boat at your complete disposal, while group tours are the best choice for those who want to make new friends or want to save on the rental cost.

Whatever the solution chosen, our expert skippers will lead you to discover the most beautiful places in the area.

The trips usually last 8 hours and can have different destinations. With Capri Tour, for example, you can see the main attractions of Capri in one day, while the tour of Ischia allows you to explore the beauties of the island in a few hours.

If the sightseeing tour of Positano and Amalfi is a unique opportunity to admire the beauties of the symbolic towns of the Amalfi Coast, a tour to Pompeii is recommended for those who love history. From Sorrento, we will arrive by boat to the port of Castellammare di Stabia, where a professional guide will wait for you to accompany you to the excavations; later, we will sail to Capri (during the visit to Pompeii the skipper will be waiting for you on the boat) to admire the main attractions of the island, from Villa Jovis to the famous “Salto di Tiberio”.

But a boat with a skipper can also be rented to organize a honeymoon or a romantic marriage proposal to amaze your other half with an experience they will never forget. You can choose the time of day and the means of transport you want, and select the itinerary you prefer. Champagne to toast and a special surprise are included in the price.

In addition to the skipper, the tours include pleasant services such as snorkeling equipment, to swim while observing the wonders of the sea, a well-stocked minibar, beach towels and pick-up to and from the hotel if necessary, to which it is added 24 hour assistance from the staff.

To experience an unforgettable day at sea, you just have to visit the page of the site dedicated to boat tours and choose the one that’s right for you: you can proceed with the booking directly online or, if you have any questions, ask the staff for further information of Sorrento Trips.

Otherwise, you can find some useful information by reading the articles dedicated to boat trips on the Amalfi Coast or how to get to Capri in an easy and fun way!

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