Rent a scooter and visit the Amalfi Coast

Visiting Amalfi Coast with our Scooter

Renting a scooter with Sorrento trips is the perfect gateway to discover Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, skipping the traffic and avoiding parking fees…
You can choose within different models and categories and get ready to drive around. The coolest scooter in our fleet is the Italian Vespa!
Since 1950 the “Vespa” has been the symbol of Italy on 2 wheels… For younger and older people, to enjoy the roads with the wind on the face, a tour with our Vespa is the perfect way to reach the most beautiful locations here in Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast, including Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello.
It takes popularity in 1953 with the Italian movie “Vacanze Romane” but, after 70 years, the Vespa is one of the most elegant and beautiful scooter available and, especially in South of Italy, is the most common vehicle to go around with friends, to go to work or to visit the region.

The town of Sorrento can be crowded and full of cars:the option is to rent a scooter

The town of Sorrento can be crowded and full of cars but just outside the city centre, gardens and country roads open the way to a new bucolic word.

The configuration of the peninsula give you the chance to see the ocean all around you, driving on the way to Massa Lubrense, all the way to the end of the peninsula.

Nice towns, all of them with a little squares with a church dedicated to the local saint protector and, of course, a bar or a kiosks where the Italians use to play cards and take their cafes, or a lemon granita surround the town of Sorrento. We recommend to plan your itinerary or use a GPS to reach your destination or ask to our staff the best route to follow.

Alternatively, you can follow the roads and discover the coastline on your own. Is very easy to return to Sorrento from any destination around the town.. and if you get lost, just ask to the locals, they will be happy to help !

The roads are safe but narrow… If you have basic driving skills everything will be fine, but don’t try to learn how to drive a scooter here in Sorrento, as it can be dangerous for you and for the other drivers if is your first time on a scooter!

Moreover, especially during summer, we have very few rainy days and is very easy to drive around by scooter!

Are you ready to drive? Book online or contact our agents if you need any further information.

We have scooters of different categories and a valid driving license is required.

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