Safety onboard, our advice for peaceful boat excursions

As repeated already several times on our blog, a boat trip is one of the most beautiful and fun experiences to do during a holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

By contacting the Sorrento Trips team, a tour operator specialized in private and group boat tours to discover the islands and the most evocative locations in the area, you can choose to book a thoughtless excursion. The team of Sorrento Trips will think about everything: all the equipment, the most suitable boat model for your needs and, above all, a professional skipper who will be driving the vessel all day long. The presence of a captain on board is in fact always assured.

But what should you know if you want to book a tour without a driver and you want to driver the boat by yourself? Here is a list of recommendations that Sorrento Trips addresses to its customers and to anyone who wants to move independently on the sea.

Guidelines for your safety onboard

Linee guida per la sicurezza in barca

• Before taking the helm it is recommended to check the weather forecast. You should also keep in mind that, especially in certain areas, winds can change quickly within a few hours.

• It is essential to have with you all the necessary documents to be shown if required by the port authorities. In particular, you must have: the insurance, the driver’s identity documents, the engine power declaration or the engine use certificate, the nautical license (in the case of driving a vehicle with a displacement greater than 1000 cc or higher to 40 kW / CV), the navigation license, the safety certificate. If the boat has VHF radio equipment, the relevant documentation must be available.

• For your safety on the boat, it is essential to have all the necessary equipment, which change depending on how far you go from the coast. Each traveller on board must be able to have a life jacket.

• If the sea is very rough, it is advisable to wear a life jacket for the duration of the trip.

• Before leaving, it is important to know, at least partially, the vehicle you are about to drive. Therefore, it is necessary to read the boat’s instruction manual carefully or to follow all the technical indications and recommendations provided by the rental company.

Capri Tour da Sorrento

• Check that the amount of fuel present is sufficient for the excursion that is planned.

• Anyone at the helm must remember to use the safety lanyard to stop the engine.

• It is advisable to avoid carrying heavy objects on board; if there are backpacks and bags of various types, it is good to distribute them on the boat.

• In the same way, it is good that the passengers are also distributed in the space and surface of the vehicle, so that the boat does not become unbalanced due to the weight.

• Remember to bring enough water for everyone and for the whole duration of the excursion.

• You must also have a hat and sunscreen with you, especially if you plan to spend the hottest hours of the day on the boat.

• Finally, we recommend that even the most experienced sea wolves always pay attention, not to exceed the speed and never underestimate anything when driving a boat.

• For further details and specific regulations regarding safety on boats, we recommend that you read the contents of the legislative decree n. 146 of 2008, containing the specifications on recreational boating and always follow the instructions provided by the Harbor Master’s Office.

Boat excursion on the Amalfi Coast with Sorrento Trips

If you prefer to fully enjoy the day on the boat as a simple passenger and you not want to worry about anything except to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and choose which bay to dive into, can book a private or group tour with Sorrento Trips.

Booking is very simple and fast: just visit the tour operator’s website and have a look to the long list of tours available, choose the one you like the most and make the payment.

There are tours for all tastes and budgets, from half day to full day, with a program that includes visits to a single site or to multiple locations. Among the most coveted tours, there are those to discover the wonderful islands of Ischia and Capri. In addition, you can choose between private tours, in which the only passengers will be you and your company of friends and relatives, or if you join an organized group and make new friends on board.

Safety on the boat is one of the most important thing of Sorrento Trips tours: the boats available are all modern, comfortable, and properly equipped with the necessary equipment required by law. Finally, the on-board staff are competent and trained. You will only have to choose where to go and what to visit.

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