Scooter rental, the best option to get around the Amalfi Coast

Today we would like to provide you with a complete overview of the advantages, the basic rates and the operation of the scooter rental service, which represents one of the best solutions for a trip along the Amalfi Coast.

So, if you are planning to organize a holiday in these areas, to discover some of the most evocative places and the most beautiful beaches of Italy, we suggest you continue reading. Renting a scooter on the Amalfi Coast will allow you to optimize time and costs and will give you the possibility to fully enjoy your trip in total serenity and fun.

Where to find a scooter rental service on the Amalfi Coast?

Noleggio scooter a Positano

Have you decided to rent a scooter to enjoy your holiday but you don’t know who to turn to?

Our advice is to rely on a local rental company that perfectly knows the area. Infact, in addition to provide you with all the necessary information to purchase the service, a local rental company can also give you the right advices to move between the most interesting locations, as well as, of course, all the necessary support in case of unexpected events.

Therefore, we suggest you consult the page dedicated to the scooter rental service on the Amalfi Coast on the Sorrento Trips website. It is a company based in Sorrento that has long been involved with passion and competence in the rental of scooters and convertible cars and in the organization of boat tours.

How does the scooter rental works on the Amalfi Coast?

Come noleggiare scooter amalfi

Renting a scooter with Sorrento Trips is very easy. By browsing the page dedicated to the service, you can get an idea of ​​the models available, the costs and the requirements necessary to be able to rent the scooter.

Anyone who is 18 years old, with a credit card or a Paypal account and with a driving licence suitable for driving the chosen scooter can request the rental service.

After taking a look at the preliminary information on the site, however, we recommend that you contact the Sorrento Trips team directly (on the page you will find all the contact details): the operator who will answer you will help you define the best conditions for the rental of the your scooter and to identify the most convenient and advantageous solution according to your needs.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter on the Amalfi Coast?

Costo noleggio scooter costiera amalfitana

The choice to rent a scooter can also be supported by economic reasons: renting a scooter is in fact less expensive than renting a car.

On the Sorrento Trips website you will find all the best rates provided for the scooter rental service: as you will see, the costs change according to the model, the displacement of the vehicle and the duration of the rental.

You should keep in mind that the rental price also includes two elements of high importance for travelers: RCA insurance and customer assistance, both necessary to be able to drive peacefully and live the holiday in the safest way possible.

Generally, scooter rental prices with Sorrento Trips range from 40 euros per day up to 220 euros per week. The customer is also required to leave a security deposit  that will be returned at the end of the rental.

Scooter rental on the Amalfi Coast: which are the advantages?

Vantaggi del noleggio scooter ad Amalfi

Renting a scooter to visit the Amalfi Coast is the ideal solution for those who come from afar and want to reach the region by plane or train and, once arrived at their destination, would like to move independently with their own vehicle and not by public transport. Traveling by scooter assure you freedom of movement and allows you to move easily even between areas that are off the main roads and are not well connected by trains or buses.

Especially in the summer months, renting a scooter also allows you to save time and money by avoiding long traffic queues and the cost of parking areas. Furthermore, moving with a scooter means being able to easily reach the most beautiful and solitary beaches.

Not to mention the “safety” factor. Choosing a reliable rental partner means being able to plan your holiday with peace of mind, without worrying about unexpected additional costs or evens. In fact, it is important to know that you can count on the local agency, as well as on a customer assistance service active every day, 24 hours a day.

What to see on the Amalfi Coast by scooter

Cosa vedere in Costiera Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast can be entirely visited on two wheels, so the itineraries to be planned and to be covered are potentially infinite and the things to see are so many.

However, we want to give you a couple of suggestions that you can also find in our article on itineraries to do by motorbike or scooter on the Amalfi Coast, which we invite you to read.

For example, if the season permits, you could go in search of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Or, again, travel the entire Sorrento Peninsula and head north to Pompeii.

Or, finally, you could choose a more classic itinerary, along the state road from Sorrento to Vietri sul Mare which connects all the main most beautiful locations to visit during a trip to the Amalfi Coast.

But it doesn’t end here: on the Sorrento Trips website you will find many other tour ideas and itineraries to further enrich your holiday.

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