Sorrento Coast and Capri: 4 experiences you should try out immediately

If you love nature or water sports and want to have a deeper experience in the Sorrento coast and Capri, you should try at least one of these surprising experiences.
The Sorrento coast is considered to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Campania region and in the whole country and it would be a pity to miss a chance to see firsthand everything it has to offer.

Sorrento Coast and Capri: snorkeling

During a Capri tour from Sorrento to the most famous island in the Naples bay or while you are discovering the Sorrento Coast on a Sorrento Coast half day, you will be able to stop and admire the peculiarities of the seabed and its fauna; the Sorrento coast is in fact famous for the protected marine area of Punta Campanella. Here are some of the spots where it is possible to do snorkeling with the equipment the crew will offer during the tours:

La Solara

The name of La Solara beach comes from the extremely favourable position that makes it sunlit all day long and offer breathtaking sunsets. It is strongly recommended to stop by this place for a dive and have an exploration with mask and snorkel.


The Marciano beach is located in the town of Massa Lubrense. People who are going to Punta Campanella or Capri often stop by this little bay, which, being hard to access, has extremely clear waters.

Giardino romantico (the romantic garden)

This enchanting beach, which was a favorite place for singers and artists in the Sixties, today is fairly hard to reach from land. In this sweetly-named place, too, waters are extremely clean.

Sorrento Coast and Capri: birdwathcing

Observing birds from the sea is really suggestive experience. In the Sorrento coast the Ieranto bay, donated to the FAI (Italian Fund for the Environment), is the best place for birdwatching. Peregrine falcons and herring gulls are some of the most sought-after spots. Snorkeling here is just as interesting: you will be able to find oceanic Posidonia, fish and various kinds of shellfish.

Sorrento Coast and Capri: fishing experience

During your trip to Capri, you will be able to stop by Punta Campanella, a promontory right across the island, and try the challenge of fishing. All the fishing equipment will be provided for on board, and it’s an experience both children and grown-ups can enjoy. Whole families had fun trying the fishing experience while enjoying the sight of the clear waters overlooked by Capri and a fresh drink always ready in the refrigerator case.

Sorrento Coast and Capri: spotting dolphins

Dolphins are, without a doubt, some of the most beloved marine animals. In the wonderful section of sea between the Sorrento coast and Capri island, it is more and more common to spot groups of these sea mammals jumping together among the waves, sometimes just as if they were escorting the boats for a while at Punta Campanella. While you are there during a boat tour, always keep your smartphone or camera at hand and be ready for a surprise!

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