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Isole Campane
Campania islands: how to choose the right one? Do you want to organize a holiday in one of the Campania islands but you don’t know which one to choose? Are you planning a trip but you are undecided between Capri, Ischia and Procida? We can understand: deciding the right destination, in this case, is not...
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Organizzare escursione alla grotta azzurra
Organizing an excursion to the Blue Grotto of Capri: how to reach it and what to see The Blue Grotto is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who go to Capri. It is a place able to enchant visitors from all over the world thanks to the magical atmosphere it can transmit, and...
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Capri Faraglioni Quanto costa fare il giro dell'isola di Capri in barca
How much does it cost to visit the island of Capri by boat? Our proposals for an unforgettable trip If you are lucky enough to have the possibility to spend a holiday on the Amalfi Coast, a boat ride to Capri is an unmissable opportunity. It will be fun to reach and circumnavigate the island...
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Boat Tour Capri
Lively and picturesque, its coasts are surrounded by a crystalline sea with turquoise shades and its landscapes are among the most romantic ones of the Amalfi Coast. But there is not only this. If Capri, according to tourists from all over the world, has been on the list of the most beautiful places in Italy...
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Come arrivare a Capri
Any respectable trip to the Amalfi Coast cannot skip a visit of at least one of the most splendid islands located not far from the coasts, Capri or Ischia , for example. For many travelers, organizing a tour of the islands can be difficoult due to doubts and insecurities. In fact, with this article we...
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Capri Clock Tower
The most exclusive destination connected to the world of luxury is the isle of Capri Since the roman times the emperor Tiberius used to go there for his holidays and built more than 10 villas for himself and for the nobility in his age. During the 19th and 20th Century the most famous American actors,...
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Sorrento Coast Capri full immersion
Fishing, snorkeling e birdwatching: all the activities you can practice on a day at sea If you love nature or water sports and want to have a deeper experience in the Sorrento coast and Capri, you should try at least one of these surprising experiences. The Sorrento coast is considered to have one of the...
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Capri Boat Tour from Sorrento
Capri Boat Trip from Sorrento: why choose a private trip over ferries 3 tips for a perfect trip to Capri Getting to Capri from Sorrento might be a tiring experience in the summer or during holidays like Easter vacations, April 25th or May 1st. Private boat tours like the Capri Tour from Sorrento are a...
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