Towns and small villages of the Amalfi Coast: which are the most beautiful ones and how to reach them

Borghi e paesi della Costiera Amalfitana: quali sono i più belli e come raggiungerli

If you decided to plan a trip to the Amalfi Coast, to discover lively cities, unique flavors and dreamy beaches, we would like to remind you that there are not only Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento. The Amalfi Coast, in fact, owes the biggest part of its cultural and natural heritage, as well as its authentic character, to small villages and towns that animate both the coast and the hills. Some of these are now very well known , so as to become some of the favorite destinations for mass tourism; on the other hand, others, are more hidden and less known. In any case, it is worth to be able to plan a holiday of at least ten days to be able to combine the visit of the main cities with the discovery of these small wonders.

But, which are the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast? Read on to find out!


Towns of the Amalfi Coast, which ones to visit ?

Strada Statale SS163

The SS163 highway runs from Sorrento to Vietri sul Mare covering a distance of just over fifty kilometers. We could call it the road of wonders, a scenic route that winds through bays of an intense blue and green hills full of citrus trees. Along the way, many small towns are located between the beaches or nestled on the slopes of the mountains. Let’s see which are the most beautiful to see.



This tiny village of colorful houses is located just four kilometers away from Vietri sul Mare and peacefully observes the coast, from its privileged position at the base of Mount Falerio. Albori is the typical Mediterranean gem overlooking the deep blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea. And its very small size did not stop it from winning the title (more than deserved) of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.



Here we are in another of the most beautiful villages in Italy, as well as one of the small towns of the Amalfi Coast that most deserve a visit. Not far from Amalfi, Atrani is one of the few places on the Amalfi Coast that has kept its urban structure intact: the traveller who comes to visit this place will be enchanted by the mazes of alleys and narrow streets that surround the beautiful houses of the center. Among the main attractions of the village there is the ancient church of San Salvatore de Birecto, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, well known for the dome decorated with majolica,  and the Grotto of the Saints, once part of the Benedictine monastery of SS. Quirico and Juliet.



Among the many places of the Coast, Cetara is one of those that has a long seafaring tradition. Since ancient times, the population has always based its economy on fishing and on the delights of the sea. Infact, who come to Cetara knows that after a nice walk to discover the village and its beaches, will be entitled to have an excellent plate of spaghetti with anchovies and a portion of fresh tuna, just to mention the two most popular local products.

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini

Divided in a high part, lying on the hill, and a low part, leaning against the beautiful bay with turquoise waters, and connected by the famous “scalinatelle”, Conca dei Marini has many reasons to be declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In the town there are at least six places of worship that deserve of a visit; among all, it is impossible not to mention the church of Santa Maria di Grado, annexed to the ex cloistered convent of Santa Rosa. It seems that in the kitchens of the convent was born the recipe of one of the most famous sweets in Campania, the sfogliatelle di Santa Rosa.

Who comes to Conca dei Marini can not miss a visit to another impressive place: the Emerald Cave. Here you will be enchanted by the landscape created by the limestone formations and by the color of the water that comes close to the shades of emerald green.



Among the most beautiful towns of the Amalfi Coast we would like to mention Erchie, a tiny and less known place. Maybe also because it is less accessible, in fact, it can only be reached by walking from a side of the highway (it is possible to leave the car earlier, there are some parking areas). Before heading to the beach, we recommend a visit of the village, perhaps enjoying an excellent “cuppitiello of fried fish” during the walk. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Erchie, as well as the bays, are also the most hidden; this makes this portion of the coast one of the most suggestive destinations to explore by boat.




Many people know it for the famous fjord, from which it comes one of the most extraordinary natural landscapes of the Amalfi Coast. But just few people know that Furore is also a postcard village, which creates an irresistible palette of colors and shades between the blue of the sea, the green of the countryside and the orange of the roofs of the houses. Thanks to this charming element, also Furore is among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In addition to the fjord beach, we recommend a visit to the Eco Museum of the fjord and the four churches of San Giacomo, Sant’Elia, San Michele and Santa Maria. Not to be missed, a walk in search of the colorful murals that have helped to bring new life to the small fishing village.




Famous because in its territory there is one of the most beautiful beach of the Amalfi Coast, but also for having been chosen several times by the director Roberto Rossellini as a set of his neo-realistic masterpieces, Maiori is one of the places that can offer to the visitors more attractions and experiences to live. Among the places of major interest, there is the beautiful Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare, the network of watchtowers and coastal towers built for defensive purposes and the beautiful baroque church dedicated to the Holy Rosary.



For those arriving by boat from the sea and progressively approaching the coast, Minori will appear as a jewel set in the coast, where the bright white of some buildings stands out between the colorfull shades of others. Originally it was a seaside village populated by fishermen, today Minori enjoys the reputation of being one of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast and a destination for the sweet lovers. It seems, in fact, that here are born many traditional desserts of the region famous all over the world. That’s why we recommend you to stop at the Sal De Riso’s Pastry Shop even if you are just passing through.


Praiano Costiera Amalfitana

Praiano is one of the most beautiful towns of the Amalfi Coast: a small and charming village, divided between the sea and the hill. Praiano, infact, is extended between Marina di Praia, appreciated for its beautiful beach, and Monte tre Pizzi. A geography that, without any doubt, contributes to reinfore the charm of the small town. Here the beautiful churches of San Gennaro and San Luca Evangelista deserve a visit. Not far from the center, towards the hill, there is the Convent of Santa Maria di Castro. Inside the church of the convent there is the venerated fresco dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie.


Ravello Giardini

Here we are in Ravello, absolutely one of the most popular places for tourists who choose the Amalfi Coast for their holidays. Ravello is a country full of charm and elegance. Once here you will be enchanted by the view of the Tyrrhenian Sea that you can admire from two of the most famous viewpoints of the Amalfi Coast, the terrace of Villa Rufolo and the one of Villa Cimbrone, both known for the splendor of their monumental gardens. But there is another reason why Ravello is confirmed as one of the most famous destinations on the Amalfi Coast: the annual festival dedicated to classical music. An international event that, for over fifty years now, attracts visitors from all over the world every summer.


Scala Costiera Amalfitana

Scala, a small town not far from Amalfi and Ravello, is also included in the list of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast.

Scala is located on the hills, about 450 meters high, and it seems to be one of the oldest settlements in the area: its foundation dates back to 300 BC. and it was done by some noble Roman families. It is also for this reason that, in a short time, the village was filled with elegant buildings, convents and other places of worship. Among these, the most interesting to visit are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmelo and the church of S. Antonio di Padova. Not far from Scala there is the nature reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere, an excellent destination for lovers of nature walks.


Tramonti Costiera Amalfitana

Getting away from the coast and going up towards the Lattari Mountains you will find Tramonti, a small and very ancient town once belonging to the Duchy of Amalfi, less known than other neighboring towns.

Among the things to do in Tramonti, we suggest to trekking lovers to try the Path of the 13 Churches: 14 km to discover the different hamlets of the town.

For the food lovers, we recommend to try the Tramontina pizza, which has a very long tradition behind it and which is different from the more famous Neapolitan one for the typology of dough. It seems that the recipe dates back to the Middle Ages.

Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare panorama con cupola chiesa San Giovanni Battista

The charm of Vietri sul Mare, the last town on the Coast, is visible from faraway thanks to the unique dome of the church of San Giovanni Battista, which stands out with the colors of its majolica. To learn more about the history and traditions related to the use of ceramics, a typical product of Vietri sul Mare, we suggest a visit to the Provincial Museum of Ceramics, housed in the beautiful Villa Guariglia, located in the small hamlet of Raito. Nature lovers can learn more about the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean by exploring the WWF oasis of Parco Croce, or the beautiful beaches of the area. One of the most famous is the “Due Fratelli beach” , characterized by the presence of the famous stacks.

How to reach and visit the small towns of the Amalfi Coast

Come raggiungere e visitare i piccoli paesi della Costiera Amalfitana

As you can easily understand from this article, the Amalfi Coast is full of villages and micro villages often located in hilly positions and away from the main road that runs along the coast. Many of these are quite close to each other and, if you travel between one and the other on a practical and fast vehicle, you can also visit some of them on the same day.

In some periods of the year , these villages record a high number of visitors, this is why we recommend the use of a bike or, better, a scooter.

Moving between the villages of the Amalfi Coast on a scooter has numerous advantages: first of all, in this way it will be even easier to move between the different places of historical and cultural interest that you want to visit. Furthermore, it will be even easier to find parking, especially in summer. Finally, the scooter allows you to reach in a more confortable way the beaches that are located outside the historic centers, as well as the most hidden coves.

By contacting Sorrento Trips, a company specialized in scooter rental on the Amalfi Coast, it is possible to rent different types of scooters, for one or more days and at really advantageous prices and conditions.

If, instead, you dream of indulging in an unforgettable evening, for example hunting for breathtaking sunsets over the sea, or you are planning a road trip to discover the most unmissable places on the Amalfi coast, you can think about the convertible car rental service of Sorrento Trips. An elegant, original and fun way to enjoy the best of the Amalfi Coast resorts and its extraordinary landscapes.

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