What to see in Capri in one day

Lively and picturesque, its coasts are surrounded by a crystalline sea with turquoise shades and its landscapes are among the most romantic ones of the Amalfi Coast. But there is not only this. If Capri, according to tourists from all over the world, has been on the list of the most beautiful places in Italy since immemorial time, the credit also goes to its long history and its glorious past. A past that has its origins in ancient times, but, above all, is the Roman era that has left numerous witnesses around the island.

Its beaches, its marvellous villas and the extraordinary social life make Capri one of the most loved and trendy places in Southern Italy and beyond. There are many points of interest to discover on the island, but in this article, we try to suggest what to see in Capri in one day.

Trip to Capri, what to see

Below you will find our suggestions for visiting Capri in one day and optimizing your time without missing any of the most important attractions.

A small guide that, in addition to the list of unmissable stops, also contains some culinary advices (as you already know, gastronomy, in these parts, is a very serious thing) and tips for organizing a boat trip to Capri with your friends.


The Faraglioni

Once reached the coast of Capri by boat, the mythical Faraglioni will probably be the first thing you will see. Their name derives from an ancient practice for which fires were set on these gigantic rocks to act as lighthouses for approaching boats. These three very high rocks have always been one of the symbols of Capri and one of the most popular postcards of the island by tourists. One of the most appreciated boat trips is the one that crosses the cavity in one of the three rocks, crossing waters with very blue shades.

You can admire Saetta, Stella and Scopolo (these are the names of the Faraglioni) from one of the many viewpoints on the island, but we warn you: it will never be as exciting as seeing them directly from the sea.

I Faraglioni

The Piazzetta

In a guide on what to see in Capri in one day, the renowned Piazzetta, that is Piazza Umberto I, cannot be missed.

It will be really difficult to find it deserted: this small elegant lounge is the heart of Capri , the favorite meeting point for tourists on the island. You will not be difficoult to catch some VIPs taking a seat at one of the many elegant bars that populate the square and whose tables are filled at all hours of the day and evening. One of these is the Gran Caffè Vuotto, one of the historic places in Capri, opened in the late 1930s.

In addition to the town hall of Capri and the other beautiful buildings that surround the Piazzetta, take a look also at the shop windows: most of them have clothes and accessories with crazy prices, but after all, there is nothing wrong in giving a simple look.

Piazzetta Capri


Villa Jovis

Here is another unmissable stop for those wondering what to visit in Capri in one day. To reach Villa Jovis you will have to walk quite a bit and reach the top of Mount Tiberio at about 350 meters high. The view will repay you for the effort of the walk. The charm of Villa Jovis will literally captivate you.

This is the most important archaeological area of ​​Capri. The Emperor Tiberius lived inside the villa (of which only ruins remain today), who was conquered both by the beauty of the place and by the healthy climate. Villa Jovis was the main building in an area that occupied several thousand square meters of surface and, thanks to its location on top of the mountain, for the emperor it represented a strategic point from which to monitor the surrounding territories and the arrival of potential enemies.

Villa Jovis

Monte Solaro

If you love trekking and heights, an idea to spend a day in Capri is to reach Monte Solaro, which is the highest peak in Capri, almost 600 meters above sea level.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can get to the top by taking the chairlift from Anacapri. The walking route, however, is highly recommended; not only for the rich vegetation and the possibility of meeting protected species such as the Peregrine Falcon, but also for the views of the gulf that you can enjoy along the way.

Monte Solaro


Visiting Capri in one day without walking through the picturesque and colorful streets of the center of Anacapri is unthinkable.

Anacapri is located in the west of the island and represents the main city of Capri. From here start the path and the chairlift that leads to Monte Solaro, as well as the road that leads to the Punta Carena lighthouse.

Among the main points of interest in Anacapri there is the Church of San Michele, famous for the splendid majolica floor representing the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. Absolutely recommended is a visit to Villa San Michele, once the home of the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, where some archaeological finds of rare value are exhibited and where a rich program of events and festivals is held in the summer. Again, the Red House, an unmistakable construction commissioned at the end of the nineteenth century by the American colonel John Clay MacKowen, who enriched it with ancient objects found on the island and which since 2003 hosts the painting exhibition “The painted island: pictorial journey in Capri and Anacapri between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries “. Finally, for those who like walking, we suggest taking the Sentiero dei Fortini, which starts from the Blue Grotto and reaches the Punta Carena lighthouse, passing through the three military posts on the coast of Anacapri, Orrico, Pino and Mesola.

Faro punta Carena


Via Krupp

Here is another unmissable stop in a guide on what to see in Carpi in one day, as well as another of the most famous symbols of the island.

Via Krupp was built in the early twentieth century thanks to the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who loved to spend his summer holidays here. He found the connection between Marina Piccola, where his boat was located, and the suite where he was staying rather uncomfortable, and asked the engineer Emilio Mayer to help. The road was created by cutting out the rock and overcoming a difference in height of 100 meters; it looks like a succession of hairpin bends close to each other. A more unique than rare place which, however, is unfortunately often closed due to the danger of falling rocks.

Via Krupp

I Giardini di Augusto

Always built thanks to Krupp (the same who built the street that has his name), the Gardens of Augustus represent the most elegant park in Capri, as well as a true botanical garden built on several levels.

Originally, the park was supposed to house Krupp’s villa, but it was never built. In the center of the park there is a Monument to Lenin, made with a complex of marble blocks that reach several meters in height.

Among the tips on what to see in Capri in one day we cannot avoid to include a relaxing walk in the Gardens of Augustus, if only for the splendid wide-open panorama of the Faraglioni and Marina Piccola that can be admired from the terrace.

I Giardini di Augusto

La Certosa di San Giacomo

Not far from the Gardens of Augustus there is the Certosa di San Giacomo, an ancient convent built in the Middle Ages.

During the years, the monastery has undergone numerous destructions and renovations. Until the sixteenth century, when it suffered an attack by pirates, all the spaces were used for monastic life. In the following centuries, the Certosa di San Giacomo was used as a prison and military barracks, before being returned to the public in the twentieth century.

Nowadays, the splendid structure has three distinct environments, divided between areas used for monastic life and areas that are, on the other hand, outside the cloister. A visit to the cloisters is not to be missed, especially the impressive Chiostro Grande.

Inside the Certosa di San Giacomo there is also the museum dedicated to the German painter Karl Diefenbach, who deeply loved the island, where he lived until his death.

Certosa San Giacomo

Marina Piccola and Marina Grande

How to spend a day in Capri dedicated to relax and sunbathing? Easy, hunting for beaches!

The most famous of the island are located in Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. The first is the largest beach, which is only a few minutes away from the pier from which the hydrofoils leave. The coves of Marina Piccola, on the other hand, are located on the opposite side and can be reached on foot or by bus.

In both cases, you will find both portions of free beach and areas equipped with private establishments, restaurants and bars where you can stop for a lunch or a drink overlooking the sea.

Capri Boat

The Blue Grotto

The last tip on what to see in Capri in one day concerns one of the most original experiences that can be done on the island. On board a small boat, departing from the port of Marina Grande, and led by a skipper, you will cross the doors of a fantastic world: the interior of the Blue Grotto is dark, except for the sun’s rays that filter through the rocks, brightly illuminating the depths. Even the Emperor Tiberius loved to swim in these parts and had a direct passage built from his home.

Before your turn to visit the cave arrives, you will have to wait and queue for a while: no more than four people can access it at a time. But we are sure that, once inside, you will be happy that you had the patience to wait. Finally, remember that diving is forbidden in the cave.

Grotta Azzurra

Typical specialties of Capri

Our guide on what to see in Capri in one day ends with a couple of suggestions dedicated to the ones who love goof food. As we like to remember in our articles dedicated to the beauties of the Amalfi Coast, a trip to these parts cannot be said to be complete without first having tasted the local delicacies.

Even in Capri, as in Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano, you will be spoiled for choice of dishes to taste: we suggest you start with a fresh caprese salad, made with mozzarella and fresh tomato dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Continue with a first course of your choice between the famous Caprese ravioli and spaghetti alla Nerano and with a second course based on tasty and freshly caught fish or a peppered mussels. Do you want to give up the dessert? Obviously not: you have to try the very soft Caprese chocolate cake, prepared with almond flour. Finally, have a good glass of Limoncello, the most famous Italian liqueur in the world and of which all the towns of the Amalfi Coast are proud.

Limoncello Sorrento

Boat tour in Capri

Are you planning a holiday on the Amalfi Coast and would you like to know how to get to Capri?

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Sorrento Trips offers the possibility of organizing an unforgettable day to discover one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with your friends, your partner or even if you are alone and want to take part of an organized trip.

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Boat Tour Capri

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