What you need to rent a rubber boat

What you need to rent a rubber boat: all the useful information

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Are you thinking of renting a dinghy to experience a fantastic day with friends or family, perhaps on the Amalfi Coast? Would you like to have a vehicle like this to reach the destinations of your interest in a comfortable and safe way, but you don’t know which the necessary requirements are to rent one? Often, for example, people wonder if it is mandatory to have a boat license or what are the steps required to access the service.

If you are also asking yourself similar questions, we suggest you continuing reading because in this article you will find a lot of useful information. Let’s find out what it is necessary to rent a rubber boat, if a license is always mandatory and what you need to know to drive one.

What do you need to rent a rubber boat?

Renting a rubber boat offers the opportunity to have a different and fun experience. This is because it allows you to move independently and organize a trip at sea as you prefer: not surprisingly, together with boat tours, it is a very popular service among those of Sorrento Trips, a local company that deals with the rental of boats, scooters, and convertible car. On board a rubber boat, in fact, you can explore the Amalfi Coast, reach Capri and other wonders such as Ischia and Procida.

You just have to continue reading to find out what you need to rent one and start planning your excursion at sea.

Renting a rubber boat: when you need a boat license

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Usually, the first question asked by those who want to rent a boat is if they need or not to have a boat license. The good news is that it’s not always necessary.

In fact, according to Italian law, a boat license is mandatory if the boat has an engine with more than 30 kW (40.8 horsepower), if you sail over 6 miles from the coast and if you practice water skiing.

Most of the models made available by the Sorrento Trips rubber boats rental service do not require a license, and only one for one of them is required.

To be able to rent a boat, however, it is necessary to be over 18.

Documents and rental agreement

For the rental, of course, you will have to sign a contract and show an identification document. These will be kept on board the vehicle, together with the other mandatory documents, ready to be exhibited in case of an inspection.

H3 Payment of a security deposit

At the time of rental, a deposit is usually required as a form of protection against possible damage that, during the excursion, may be caused to the vehicle. The deposit, of course, will not be collected if no problems are present upon return.

Have some driving experience and know the main navigation rules

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As we have said, you don’t always need a boat license to rent a rubber boat. However, we recommend having a little experience in operating the vehicle to be able to manage it better and enjoy the trip without problems. Of course, when the boat will be delivered to you, the staff will explain how to use it safely and correctly and will show you all the equipment and instruments available.

Furthermore, it is good to know the main navigation rules, such as paying attention to buoys that signal the presence of divers (a situation that requires slowing down and keeping at a distance of at least 100 meters), and respecting the navigation distances from the coast prescribed for the area in which you are located, as well as those of anchorage.

If there are areas of the coast with specific prohibitions, the hirer will specify it, also providing you with information on the itineraries to follow and the most interesting destinations not to be missed for an unforgettable trip.

How much does it cost to rent a boat with or without a license

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The price for renting a rubber boat with Sorrento Trips depends on the model chosen, therefore on the engine, power and size of the vehicle.

Three out of four rubber boats do not require the possession of a boat license. Their price starts from 180 euros per day for a Selva 5.40 dinghy – which travels at a speed of 28 knots, can accommodate up to 6 people and is 5.40 meters long – up to 250 euros per day for the Romar Mirage 5.70, which has a speed of 18 knots, a length of 5.70 meters and can hold a maximum of 6 passengers.

The Selva 6.80 dinghy, on the other hand, is the only one in the fleet that requires a boat license: with a speed of 30 knots and a length of 6.80 meters, it can accommodate up to 10 people and has a daily cost starting from 350 euros.

What is included in the boat rental price

The rubber boats made available by Sorrento Trips are all spacious, comfortable, safe and easy to drive. They are also equipped with awning, shower and ice box to keep your drinks cool.

The rubbers are delivered with a full petrol tank. However, fuel is not included in the price, as are any port taxes, the ticket for attractions such as the Blue Grotto, the cost to eat at the restaurant and other extras.

The skipper is not normally present (while on boat tours yes), but it is possible to request it by adding 100 euros to the daily rate.

Renting a dinghy is an excellent option, therefore, to experience a memorable holiday: find out which are the most beautiful stops during a boat tour on the Amalfi Coast!

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