How to organize a boat trip to Capri

Come organizzare un giro in barca a Capri

If you are lucky enough to organize a trip to the Amalfi Coast during the summer you will not only have the opportunity to visit wonderful islands such as Capri (reachable all year long, with pleasant weather conditions), but also be able to have a dip in the crystalline sea that laps the coast. A great way to combine a cultural trip between monuments and museums with the pleasure of a refreshing swim.

It can be possible by organizing a boat tour to Capri, a fun experience that, in addition to give you the chance to discover many small historical and artistic wonders on the island, will give you the pleasure of an adventure in the waves.

Let’s see how to easily and safely organize a boat tour to Capri and who to contact to make sure that the excursion remains an indelible moment in the memory of all of you.


Boat tour of Capri

Giro in barca a Capri

In a previous post recently published on this blog we have given you several valid reasons to arrive in Capri by boat. The first reason is, obviously, the fun, as well as the pleasure of spending an unusual day with family and friends.

In another guide, we have shown you all the places of interest to visit in one day in Capri and Anacapri, including nature trails, elegant gardens and villas, lively squares, and monuments of high historical importance. Obviously, a respectable excursion to Capri cannot miss the most beautiful beaches of the island and not even the most characteristic sites along the coast. Starting with the famous Faraglioni, to continue with the most romantic sea caves. To fully enjoy these wonders, organizing a boat trip to Capri is highly recommended.

Who to contact for a boat trip to Capri

A chi rivolgersi per un giro in barca a Capri

If during your holiday on the Amalfi Coast you are staying in Amalfi, Sorrento or Positano and want to dedicate a whole day to discover Capri, you just have to organize a boat trip to reach the island.

At this point, you can choose or to join a group tour or to organize a private tour with a captain at your disposal. In both cases, you can ask for the support of Sorrento Trips, a local company specialized in scooter, boat and convertible car rental services.

On the tour operator’s website, you will find all the information you need to book your tour directly online. As you will see, boat tours are always performed by qualified personnel who will be with you for the whole day. First of all, Sorrento Strips boat tour will lead you to the bays and to the most panoramic points of the coast where you can have a regenerating bath. Later, we will reach Capri, where we will stop until sunset, at the agreed return time.

For its tours, Sorrento Trips uses only spacious, comfortable boats that meet the highest safety standards. Furthermore, there are a lot of really appreciated extra options included in the price: for example, you can enjoy a drink while admiring the sunset using the mini bar on board.

On the Sorrento Trips website there are also rates and descriptions of each tour; you just have to read the details and decide which excursion is your favourite. You can book directly on the website by providing your personal details and your credit card.

In case of doubts or requests for further information, we advise you to contact the Sorrento Trips team at the contacts you find on the same page.

Capri boat tour, all the unmissable tours

Giro in barca a Capri, tutti i tour imperdibili

Don’t you know which boat tour to Capri should you book? Maybe we can suggest a couple of cool ideas.

On the Sorrento Trips website there are in fact excursions for all tastes, whether you want to visit only Capri and whether you want to combine it with other destinations as well.

In the first case, you could for example opt for a private tour for max 12 people that will lead you to discover the most evocative places on the island and along the coast. Or, in case you are alone or in a few, you could choose to join a group tour, always for a maximum of 12 people, with costs starting from 120.00 euros per person.

In case you want to further enrich your day with beauty, you could choose a private tour that, in addition to Capri, also allows you to discover the best of Positano, for an experience that combines the charm of cities and monuments with the poetry of one of the seas most beautiful in the world. Costs start from € 550.00 for the whole day.

Finally, here is another of the most popular tours: you could associate your boat tour to Capri with a visit to Positano and Amalfi, the three pearls of the Mediterranean. This is an eight-hour group tour, with fares starting from € 650.00.

The ideas are not finished: on the Sorrento Trips website you will find many other proposals for itineraries to spend an incredibly special day.

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