Furore Fjord, how to get there

There is a stretch of the Amalfi Coast where the rocky wall drops sheer to the sea, creating a small inlet of crystalline water that bathes an equally small beach.

The inlet, better known as Furore Fjord, is visible from the state road that runs along the coast. Particularly, it is visible from the scenographic bridge that passes over it and from which, every year, champions from all over the world dive for the world diving competition from great heights.

The Furore Fjord and its beach represent one of the most extraordinary places on the Amalfi Coast. Reached by thousands of tourists every year, this site is able to offer a unique and suggestive panorama. It is not a coincidence that it is one of the most photographed and shared destinations in the region on social media.

But how to get to the Furore Fjord and enjoy such a beautiful place?

How to get to Furore Fjord, one of the unmissable places on the Amalfi Coast

Fiordo di Furore

Where exactly is this little corner of paradise enclosed in the Furore Fjord and which are the best ways to reach it all year long?

We know the area very well, so we want to provide you with a complete guide with all our tips.


Where is the Furore Fjord

Dove si trova il Fiordo di Furore

The fjord of Furore is located in the stretch of coast that follows the SS163 state road, between the municipalities of Praiano and Conca dei Marini. The Grotta dello Smeraldo is only few kilometres away from the fjord, Sorrento about 25 kilometres and Positano only ten.

The fjord takes its name from the village of Furore, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Campania and Italy, and defined as “the town that doesn’t exist” because of its blurred profile that seems to almost disappear into the surrounding vegetation.

For its particular appearance, as well as for its indisputable charm, we have included it in our list of small towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast. Once in Furore, in addition to visiting the beach of the fjord, we suggest you not to miss a walk in the village. You can admire some beautiful churches, such as the one of San Giacomo and the one dedicated to San Michele. Furthermore, you can discover another of the peculiarities that most characterize this place: the numerous cheerful murals with bright colours that animate the streets.




How to get to the Furore Fjord by public transport

Getting to the Furore Fjord by public transport is not complicated, although, in certain seasons, it may be a less rapid solution than traveling independently by taxi or by your own vehicle, such as a rental scooter.

To get to the fjord from Naples or Salerno you have to take the SITA company bus to Amalfi and, once there, change line and get on the one to Positano and Sorrento. From these two locations, you must then take the line that travels towards Amalfi.

Those who want to reach the ancient village of Furore by public transport have to take the bus that connects Amalfi and Agerola.


How to get to Furore Fjord by sea

arrivare al Fiordo di Furore via mare

Buses and cars are not the only ways to reach the small bay of Furore Fjord. Those who are planning a summer trip to the Amalfi Coast and want to spend a day different from the others, can approach the coast of the fjord aboard a boat.

On the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula, in fact, it is possible to do one of the boat tours organized by Sorrento Trips, a local company specialized in scooter, boat and convertible car rental services.

You can first choose to book a private tour or join a group. You will then have at your disposal the staff of Sorrento Trips who will escort you to discover the most evocative bays and the hidden corners of the coast where you can take a dip and swim in complete peace. You will visit the sea caves, admire the very romantic profile of the cities from afar, then you can enjoy an excellent lunch based on local products and recipes in one of the most exclusive restaurants of your destination on the mainland.

Among the most popular boat trips there are, for example, those to Ischia, Capri and Pompeii.

The whole day is planned taking in consideration “the fun” but also the safety of our guests: the boats in fact equipped with all the comforts and accessories needed to travel comfortably and in total serenity. Sorrento Trips boat tours are open to a maximum of 12 people at a time, depending on the tour and the type of boat used.

A different situation concerns the rubber boat rental service, always operated by Sorrento Trips. In that case, you will be the one to drive the vehicle and organize your day at sea in total autonomy. You will have all the necessary support and assistance from the tour operator and you can choose between different models of rubber boats, all comfortable and well-equipped, each one with their own technical specifications.

To receive more information on boat tours or on the self-drive rental service, we suggest you contact the Sorrento Trips team.

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