Surroundings of Naples

Dintorni di Napoli

The surroundings of Naples: the most beautiful things to do

If you are planning a holiday in Naples and would like to take the opportunity to visit the surroundings of this beautiful city, you should know that there is no shortage of options. Indeed, you will probably be spoiled for choice: there are so many places to visit nearby, both for those looking for dream beaches and bays and for those who love archaeology and landscapes surrounded by nature.

Read on to discover all the places to explore near the Campania capital and experience an unforgettable holiday!

What to see around Naples: all the destinations not to be missed

By organizing a stay in Naples we will have the opportunity to admire the surroundings of this splendid city as well. If we have several days at our disposal, in fact, we cannot miss the opportunity to visit the nearby towns such as Pompeii and Herculaneum or the wonderful Amalfi Coast.

Continuing the reading you will discover the main destinations to be reached, perhaps, by renting a scooter or a car along the territory. For this type of service, rely on Sorrento Trips, a local tour operator specialized in convertible car, scooter and boat rental.

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Amalfi Coast

Costiera Amalfitana

An unmissable stop during a holiday in Naples is the Amalfi Coast.

If you have a car you can do beautiful itineraries along the coast and visit the main points of interest, starting from the most famous destinations such as Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.

Sorrento is rich in attractions, as well as Positano, defined the “vertical city” for the way in which is developed this ancient seaside village. Then there is the wonderful Amalfi, a town that will enchant you thanks to the lively historic centre, the clubs and the evocative landscapes.


But we are only at the beginning of the discovery: if you have time, in fact, it is also worthwhile to reach the villages and towns of the Coast which, even if are less known, do not miss in charm and beauty. Among these we mention Praiano, Conca dei Marini, Ravello, as well as the suggestive locality where the Fiordo di Furore is located.

Another interesting itinerary could include gastronomic stops, according to the culinary specialties that you would like to taste. As you can imagine, you are spoiled for choice: from the gnocchi alla sorrentina to the scialatielli all’amalfitana, passing through the sfogliatelle di Santa Rosa, typical of Conca dei Marini, and the artisanal limoncello. You will hardly be disappointed by the local cuisine! In Tramonti, instead, you can taste the tramontina pizza, while in Cetara many preparations based on tuna and anchovy sauce await you.

The island of Capri
Isola di Capri

Among the destinations not to be missed around Naples there is Capri which is located in front of the Sorrentine Peninsula. From Naples it can be reached by ferry or hydrofoil, otherwise an original and fun option is to organize a private boat tour to enjoy a day of relaxation.

The Capri Tour, for example, organized by Sorrento Trips, is a safe and fun way to get there. The trip – whose departure takes place directly from the port of Naples – is a unique opportunity to circumnavigate the island and be captivated by its charm: from the Faraglioni to the Blue Grotto, from Anacapri to Villa Jovis, every corner will amaze you!


Procida and Ischia

Procida e Ischia

As well as Capri, Procida and Ischia are also part of the Campania Archipelago. Procida, called the Italian Capital of Culture 2022 and famous for having been chosen as the setting for the film Il Postino, with its characteristic views, beaches and colourful houses is the ideal place for a fantastic trip around Naples.

A short distance from Procida there is Ischia. If you have little time, we recommend you follow our advice on what to see in Ischia in one day so as not to miss the most beautiful views of this corner of paradise. Otherwise, you could see the two islands on the same day with Sorrento Trips private tour to Ischia and Procida!

Archaeological Park of Campi Flegrei

campi flegrei

Moving closer to Naples, among the attractions in the surroundings we cannot fail to mention the Archaeological Park of Campi Flegrei, which extends over the western province of the Campania capital. It is a large park that includes numerous sites of historical and archaeological interest.

The Campi Flegrei are a volcanic system, whose activity started more than 60 thousand years ago. It is an area that has played a central role since ancient times and that we find in significant historical myths and events. In this place, for example, was born Cuma : the first Greek colony in the Western Mediterranean. Puteoli (Pozzuoli) during the Roman period became an important commercial port, while Baia was a holiday destination for Roman nobles.


The attractions of the Archaeological Park of Campi Flegrei are numerous. In particular, it is possible to visit the Archaeological Museum in the Castle of Baia, the Archaeological Park of Cuma, the Roman Baths of Baia and the Flavian Amphitheatre of Pozzuoli, the third largest arena in Italy after the Colosseum and the Capua amphitheatre.


Speaking of myths and legends, moreover, at the Archaeological Park of Cuma it is possible to see the famous Antro della Sibilla, an artificial gallery from the Greco-Roman era where, according to tradition, the Cumaean Sibyl was found, famous for her oracles and for having been mentioned in Virgil’s Aeneid.

For more information on timetables and prices of the visit to the Park, you can visit the official website.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

Reggia di Caserta

If you are thinking about what to see around Naples, another unmissable attraction is the Royal Palace of Caserta, which can be easily reached by car. This grandiose Baroque-style construction, begun in 1752 and completed in 1845, will surprise you with a fascinating and majestic grand staircase that welcomes the visitor and opens onto the beautiful Palatine Chapel, inspired by the Chapel of the Palace of Versailles.

The Royal Palace of Caserta – whose project was realized by Luigi Vanvitelli – is the largest royal residence in the world and belonged to the Bourbon family of Naples. The complex also includes a large outdoor park full of greenery, fountains and statues, and the English Garden, which stands out in style from the rest of the park (appearing less “tidy”) to be more inspired by nature.


Il Vesuvio


During a stay in Naples and its surroundings it is possible to visit the majestic Vesuvius, symbol of the city. The volcano is located in the Vesuvius National Park, within which several paths have been set up that allow you to go trekking in landscapes surrounded by greenery. The most popular route, of course, is the one that allows you to visit the Gran Cono, the crater of the volcano. For more information, we recommend that you consult the park’s website.




If we are talking about Vesuvius, we cannot avoid to mention Pompeii, the city destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 79 AD, which has now become a famous archaeological site all over the world.The excavations of Pompeii can be reached, for example, with the Circumvesuviana train line, but also comfortably by car.It is a real open-air museum that allows you to take a dip in history, immersing yourself in what was the everyday life of the time, as it provides a complete picture of what a Roman city was like.


Nearby, Herculaneum was also a victim of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. and it also represents an archaeological site of great importance, which is certainly worth a visit. Herculaneum is smaller in size than Pompeii but has a better state of conservation.

Excavations of Boscoreale

For those who are particularly interested in archaeology, north of Pompeii stands the locality of Boscoreale which, given its fertility, experienced settlements since protohistory (intermediate period between prehistory and history) and where, in Roman times, many farms and villas were built.

Thanks to the excavations some of these villas have been brought to light. Among the remains that can be visited there are Villa Regina and the Antiquarium, through which it is possible to learn more about the agricultural life of the Roman era.

Visit the surroundings of Naples by renting a car or a scooter

Noleggio auto per visitare Napoli

Having a scooter or a car is certainly the best solution to visit the surroundings of Naples and easily reach the towns near the Campania capital. If traveling on two wheels can be the perfect option for moving to neighbouring locations, four wheels are the recommended way to reach more distant destinations, such as the Amalfi Coast.

In both cases, you will have the advantage of being able to move independently, deciding without restrictions the itinerary of the trip, the stages, the distances to be covered. On the other hand, what’s better than a holiday in total freedom?

After having visited Naples far and wide, then, why not rely on the Sorrento Trips scooter rental service to explore the nearby areas of the city? You can choose between different models available and travel as many kilometres as you want, since the fare is unlimited kilometres.

The alternative is to rent a convertible car. It is also an original idea to celebrate an anniversary, a special event or to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Furthermore, the car can also be rented for a wedding.

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For more information on the service, contact the Sorrento Trips staff: they will be happy to provide you with all the answers you are looking for!

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