What to see in Ischia in one day, the best of the island

Cosa vedere a Ischia in 1 giorno

What do you think about jumping on a boat and discovering what to see in Ischia in one day? We take you with us to discover one of the most beautiful islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, famous for its different beaches and for the Caribbean inlets.

Close to the Sorrento Peninsula and to the Amalfi Coast and well connected to Naples, Ischia is a really easy destination to reach. You can visit it in one day, even if you have to carefully select the things to see. It is not a very small island: therefore, if you have just a little time available, we suggest you to concentrate your visit in a single area or to choose to follow a thematic itinerary, which can be that of the bays, of the beaches or of the spas. What is sure is that, even in a few hours, Ischia will not disappoint your expectations.

Are you ready to discover everything you need to spend an unforgettable day?

How long it takes to visit Ischia?

Ischia Forio
Ischia Panorama casa sul mare

The best option would be to be able to plan a stay in Ischia of at least one week.

In this way, it would be possible to try every single aspect: from the relax of its immense beaches to the visit of its picturesque seaside villages. Furthermore, a week is enough to discover some aspects of the island that are not always evident during a shorter visit. In addition to the delights of the kitchen and the fashionable evenings that never miss in Ischia.

If, on the other hand, you want to know how long it takes to fall in love with a place like this, well, we can assure you that one day will be more than enough and you will be looking forward to returning.

Ischia, what to see in one day

Here you are our little guide on the places to visit in Ischia in one day. We offer you a full immersion in the beauty of this Mediterranean island with a unique charm. We will discover the most beautiful sides of Ischia with a boat tour looking for dream coves and bays or by exploring the most characteristic historical centers and the many old monuments of the island. Without forgetting the thermal parks, which represent one of the main attractions that make Ischia famous all over the world.

Ischia Ponte

Ischia ponte Fiat 500

A guide on what to see in Ischia in one day can only start from one of the most beautiful seaside villages on the island: Ischia Ponte.

Dominated by the splendid Aragonese Castle, which can be admired in all its beauty from Piazzale Aragonese, Ischia Ponte is a place full of wonderful contrasts. Walking through its streets, you will notice how the small fishermen’s houses coexist next to elegant buildings of noble origin. Visit the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and then head north towards the beaches. You will also meet many restaurants where you can stop for a lunch based on local cuisine. North of Ischia Ponte there is also Ischia Porto, a renowned area both for maritime connections with Campania and for its nightlife.

Aragonese Castle

Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

Its romantic style lying on the sea and its unique Mediterranean architecture have always made it the best known symbol of Ischia.

We are talking about the beautiful Aragonese Castle, the medieval fortress connected to the village of Ischia Ponte by a short walk on the water. The castle can be visited during all the year and can be reached by a lift. We suggest you take all the time necessary for the visit: there are many points of interest on the islet of the Castle and they are all unmissable. Among these, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Monastery of Santa Maria della Consolazione, the Casa del Sole, the Bourbon Prison and the Terrace of Olives stand out.

The village of Sant’Angelo

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia

Sant’Angelo, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, is located on the southern coast of Ischia.

It looks like the typical fishing village still stopped in an ancient time. A postcard place, where a thin strip of sand joins the village of colorful houses to the islet of rock.

We are sure that Sant’Angelo will win you over. To explore it, start from the church dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo, the patron saint of the village, and continue to the small port. You will meet many places where you can have an excellent lunch overlooking one of the most beautiful views of Ischia. Then continue along the east coast to the beach of Cava Petrelle, famous for the Fumarole phenomenon. If, on the other hand, you are a spa lover, reach the locality of Cavascura, where you can enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters between caves and natural waterfalls.

La Mortella Gardens

Giardini La Mortella di Ischia

An essential stop in a guide on what to see in Ischia in one day are La Mortella Gardens, in the municipality of Forio: a splendid tribute to life and biodiversity.

La Mortella is one of the largest and most important private gardens in the Old Continent. Its birth is due to Susana Walton, wife of the composer William Walton who, with love and dedication, together with the help of the architect Russel Page, in over fifty years, collected dozens of different species of trees and plants coming from all over of the world. The garden, which was opened to the public in the early 1990s, is now managed by the William Walton Foundation, always according to the guidelines provided by its creator. The Foundation also organizes events in the gardens and takes care of enhancing the musical and cultural heritage of the Walton family.

Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae

Coppa Nestore Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae

Dear history lovers, did you know that Ischia is home of one of the most important archeology museums in Campania?

Exactly: the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae is located in the municipality of Lacco Ameno and is set up inside the beautiful Villa Arbusto. Built in the eighteenth century, the villa is now owned by the municipality and became a museum in the late seventies.

Among the rooms there is an incredible collection of ancient artifacts, divided between the different eras, from Prehistory to the Age of the Romans. One of the most important pieces is the Cup of Nestor, described by Homer in the Iliad.

Thermal gardens of Ischia

Poseidon Ischia giardini termali
Ischia Negombo

A guide on what to see in Ischia in one day cannot miss one of the island’s most renowned and ancient attractions. In fact, since the Greeks and Romans times, Ischia has been chosen as the favorite destination for those who want to enjoy the benefits of its thermal waters. From thermal springs such as the one of Nitrodi comes a certified water full of therapeutic properties. Infact, Ischia’s thermal water, is a precious friend of the skin, but also of the kidneys and of the gastrointestinal system.

The main thermal parks of Ischia are the Giardini Poseidon Terme, in Forio, and Negombo, in Lacco Ameno. The first is famous both for the natural beauty of its site (the Bay of Citara) and for the high level of its facilities and installations (including an Olympic swimming pool). Negombo, on the other hand, is known for being one of the most important locations for events and concerts of international caliber.

In addition, both thermal parks have a direct access to the sea and to the beach: a very important element for those who want to spend a whole relaxing day.

The historic center of Forio

Centro storico Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia in centro storico

Here we are in one of the most suggestive places in Ischia. Forio is a town of less than twenty thousand inhabitants, with an elegant profile overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is also called the city of towers: infact, the Torrione, which is one of the main Saracen towers of Forio, represents one of the major points of interest for tourists who visit  the city.

Forio is also renowned for its beautiful churches, starting with the small Chiesa del Soccorso, with its all-white facade, which has a privileged position overlooking the sea. Do not miss the Church of Santa Maria di Visitapoveri and the Basilica of Santa Maria di Loreto.

Finally, it is impossible to leave Forio without first having walked through the intricate Saracen alleys: a set of narrow alleys designed to defend the city from the Ottomans’s attacks.

Beaches of Ischia

Maronti Ischia

Certainly, those who are wondering on what to do in Ischia in one day will want to dedicate some time to sunbathing and to a dip in the sea.

Ischia has many beautiful beaches and it is very difficoult to choose. One of the most famous is the one of Sorgeto, which runs alongside one of the most scenic inlets on the island. The beach is smal and it is not very easy to reach (you have to go down 200 steps), but it is still very popular. This is mainly due to the high temperature of the water, determined by some underground thermal sources. A constant even in the winter months.

Beaches such as La Chiaia and Cave dell’Isola, both in Forio, have a more classic look and offer every kind of comfort and service. This is why, these are also very crowded beaches, especially the first one.

Without any doubt, among the most beautiful beaches of Ischia, there is the one of San Montano, a true tropical paradise loved by families and characterized by transparent waters and white sand. The beach is located a short distance from the Negombo Thermal Park.

Finally, the Maronti Beach, in the municipality of Barano d’Ischia, which with its 3 km length is confirmed as the longest beach on the island. Easily accessible both by sea and by car, the Maronti beach is famous for its deep waters even a short distance from the shore and for the many services offered in the area.

What to do in Ischia in the evening

Ischia di sera veduta castello Aragonese

We conclude the suggestions on what to see in Ischia in one day with some information on the nightlife and entertainment on the island.

Who decides to stop in the evening, taking the opportunity of an excellent dinner based on local recipes and seafood dishes, has a lot of choice. Restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias and bars are present everywhere, in every town on the island. The most popular are found mainly in Forio and in Ischia Porto.

If after dinner you want to go to the disco or have a drink in a club that offers live music, the suggestion is, once again, to stop in Ischia Porto. Among all, it is the most popular town in Ischia for its pubs, music bars and  nightlife.

Which is the most beautiful place in Ischia?

Forio d'Ischia
Castello Aragonese Ischia

It is really difficult to answer this question.

Ischia is full of postcard places, ready to impress the mind and the heart of travelers.

The places indicated in this guide are the most popular on the island. But having to choose, we would say that the most beautiful places in Ischia are suggestive places such as Ischia Ponte, dominated by the Aragonese Castle, and the historic center of Forio. We are sure that, after the visit, you will absolutely want to plan another vacation in this place that is one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean.

How to reach Ischia?

To reach Ischia you need to take one of the hydrofoils that connect Naples and Pozzuoli with the island. Depending on the companies, the final destination will be Ischia Porto or the port of Forio. The journey takes about half an hour. In addition, some companies give the possibility to take the car on board as well. The frequency of the connections changes according to the time of year (in summer they are much more frequent). We suggest you to plan your trip to Ischia a little bit in advance.

Boat tour of the Island

An original and fun way to reach Ischia and visit some of the island’s most beautiful places is by organizing a private boat tour. If you want to spend an unforgettable day with your closest friends, to admire together the bright sunset of Ischia over the sea and go to discover beautiful coves such as Sorgeto and Maronti or suggestive monuments such as the Aragonese Castle, you can book the tour proposed by Sorrento Trips. Your adventure on board will be further improved by the many services included in the tour of the coast, such as the presence of the skipper, the snorkelling equipment and the minibar. For more information, please take a look at the page of the private boat tour of Ischia and contact us if you have any questions or if you want to know more details. We will be happy to create a perfect holiday with you.

Ischia boat tour
Tour in barca a Ischia

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