The most beautiful itineraries of the Amalfi Coast to do by car

In the last articles we have suggested you some spectacular itineraries to discover the Amalfi Coast by motorbike or scooter.

Today we would like to offer you something different, sure to make you happy by introducing you to the discovery of some of the unmissable gems of our region. In fact, we will show you three itineraries of the Amalfi Coast to be followed by car. Three ideas for three unforgettable road trips with the wind in your hair, perfect for every season and suitable for every type of traveller.

Come with us, we will bring you to explore a wonderful area between villages, cities of art, beaches and amazing sunsets.

Amalfi Coast itineraries by car: 3 ideas

Amalfi Coast itineraries by car: 3 ideas

The car is one of the best ways to discover the Amalfi Coast. Traveling on four wheels allows you to move in total autonomy and to reach even the most distant places in a short time. Even better if you are traveling on a convertible car, that is a vehicle that, in addition to being safe, is also able to give all the pleasure of the freedom of four wheels with a touch of elegance and originality.

Lovers of the on the road philosophy who dream of a trip to the best destinations on the Amalfi Coast can contact Sorrento Trips to find out the conditions and rates for the rental of beautiful and comfortable convertible cars . An absolutely unusual and fun way to enjoy your holiday.

So let’s find out the best routes to try with your car.

Discover by car hidden villages and small towns of the Amalfi Coast

Discover by car hidden villages and small towns of the Amalfi Coast

In a previous article, we suggested the most beautiful villages to visit on the Amalfi Coast.

The first of the best itineraries to do by car could be this: an unforgettable “on the road” trip to discover not only the most well-known places but also the most hidden and remote ones, including those farthest from the coast. A route that will be particularly appreciated by those who in the past have already traveled to the Amalfi Coast but, due to lack of time, did not have the opportunity to visit other beauties out of the classic Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano.

Which are the most beautiful towns on the coast to reach by car? Starting from Sorrento and heading towards Salerno, along the SS1653 state road, you will find:

  1. Praiano
  2. Furore
  3. Conca dei Marini
  4. Atrani
  5. Scala
  6. Ravello
  7. Maiori

All places of indescribable charm, which will lead you to discover the true essence of the Amalfi Coast. By visiting them, you will get to know some of the most famous monuments and architectural beauties of the area. You will see wide open views over one of the most beautiful seas in our country. You will learn about the real and genuine Mediterranean flavors by approaching gastronomic delicacies that you will not easily forget. You can dive into clean and crystal waters and refresh yourself on beautiful and peaceful beaches.

We are sure that you will greatly appreciate this unusual side of the Amalfi Coast.

Gastronomic itinerary of the Amalfi Coast

Gastronomic itinerary of the Amalfi Coast

What about combining the charm of breathtaking places with some delights of the Mediterranean cuisine? With the second itinerary of the Amalfi Coast to do by car we will go, in fact, in search of the typical plates of the area and the traditional and most loved recipes. We will introduce you all the best of the cuisine of the Amalfi Coast and the specialties that you just cannot avoid to taste.

Your gastronomic itinerary could start from Sorrento, home of the famous Sorrento-style gnocchi with tomato and mozzarella (which is just one of the many typical dishes of the town). Next, we suggest you reach Conca dei Marini, to taste the sweet “sfogliatella Santa Rosa”, whose traditional recipe seems to have been born inside the Convent of Santa Rosa.

The next stop is Amalfi, where it is impossible not to try an excellent dish of Scialatielli all’Amalfitana, the main first course of the city, as well as a glass of limoncello, the liqueur that all passionate drinkers in the world envy us.

Our gastronomic itinerary continues with Minori, a place that will be particularly appreciated by those with a sweet tooth: in fact, here is the Sal de Riso pastry shop, by far one of the best in Campania.

To complete our overview of taste, we recommend continuing towards the mountain and reaching the village of Tramonti, to try the extraordinary tramontina pizza, and, finally, to head to Cetara, a splendid coastal town famous for its many recipes based on tuna and anchovy sauce.


Amalfi and surroundings itinerary by car

Amalfi and surroundings itinerary by car

The last of the itineraries of the Amalfi Coast by car is perhaps the most classic, as well as one of the most loved by travelers. A path that, not surprisingly, leads to the discovery of some of the most beautiful places in the region and is perfect to do when you have a few days available.

Starting with Amalfi and its many places of interest to explore. Among all, we suggest you do not miss the enchanting and ancient Cathedral of Amalfi, the masterpiece resulting from an incredible mix of architectural styles dating back to different eras. To continue with the Ancient Arsenal of the Amalfi Republic, once a shipyard and now a museum that tells the maritime history of the city. And, again, do not miss the renowned Paper Museum, which reveals the techniques and shows the machinery used for the production of the typical Bambagina paper.

To explore the surroundings of Amalfi by car, we suggest you start from the neighboring towns: one above all, Ravello, home of a music festival appreciated all over the world, which will enchant you with the amazing panoramas visible from the viewpoints of Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. After Ravello, you reach Atrani, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its characteristic historic center made up of alleys and narrow streets and the splendid Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. Next, Conca dei Marini, where you can admire the unique landscape inside the scenic Emerald Grotto.

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