How to get to Procida: the most practical and comfortable solutions

Would you like to spend a holiday in Procida and would like to understand how to reach the island in a simple and practical way? Would you like to organize a trip to this splendid location, during a stay on the Amalfi Coast, but you don’t know how to do it? In this article you will find all the answers you are looking for: we will see, in fact, what are the most comfortable solutions to get to Procida, declared Capital of Culture 2022, and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Procida, in fact, is part of the Campania Islands and, despite being smaller than Capri and Ischia, it fascinates visitors a lot for its timeless atmosphere. Let’s not forget, then, that it was chosen as the setting for the film Il Postino: The Postman, with Massimo Troisi.

It is an ideal destination for all those who can’t wait to indulge in a few days of total relaxation or to spend a day discovering this enchanting destination. Read on to find out how to get to Procida and how long it takes based on the port of departure and the means of transport chosen.


How to get to Procida: the various options to reach this beautiful island

Le varie opzioni per raggiungere Procida

Getting to Procida is easier than you think. This island, about 4 square kilometers in size, is located in the western part of the Gulf of Naples, between Ischia and the mainland. To separate it from the latter is the Procida Canal, 3 kilometers wide.

The main options to reach it include the departure from the port of Naples or from that of Pozzuoli. As we will see, however, there are also other possibilities, usually valid only during the high tourist season, in addition to the opportunity to take part in one-day boat tours, organized by specialized companies and tour operators.

After seeing how to get to Capri in an easy and fun way, let’s discover the main alternatives to explore Procida!

How to get to Procida from the port of Naples

The first option we want to talk to you about is the departure from Naples, from the ports of Calata di Massa and Molo Beverello, which are about a kilometer away from each other. If you arrive in Naples by plane, from Capodichino airport you can reach the two ports by bus (Alibus) or by taxi. If, on the other hand, you have traveled by train, it is possible to move from the central station to the two ports by bus, taxi or subway.

Ferries leave from the port of Calata di Massa and the journey takes about 1 hour. From Molo Beverello, on the other hand, hydrofoils leave and take about 45 minutes to reach Procida.

How to get to Procida from Pozzuoli

An alternative is to leave from the port of Pozzuoli, which is located a few kilometers from Naples. Both ferries and hydrofoils depart from Pozzuoli. The ferry takes about 35 minutes, while the hydrofoil takes around 20 minutes.

Whichever port you choose, during the high season it may be advisable to book tickets online, because in this period the demand is higher. Furthermore, it is good to know that the times may vary, especially in case of bad weather, so you must check the day before departure and, if necessary, contact the shipping company to find out if there are any changes.

It is good to know that at certain times of the year – generally in high season – it is not allowed to land on the island with one’s own motor vehicle (car, scooter, camper) to avoid overcrowding. Therefore it is very important to inquire about this too.

How to reach Procida: the other possible routes to be taken in high season

Panorama del golfo di napoli ischia e procida

The solutions we have just seen are valid all year round. However, during the tourist season, which generally runs from April to October, the rides tend to be much more frequent than in the other months. Not to mention that in this period, usually, other options are also possible in addition to those indicated above. In fact, further routes are made available with other locations in the Gulf of Naples. Ferries to Ischia, then, usually also stop in Procida.

Reach Procida with a private boat tour

Tour privato barca Procida

Another comfortable and original alternative to reach Procida is to take part in a boat tour organized by a specialized tour operator: an exclusive opportunity during which you can get to the island in a fun and safe way and then visit the main points of interest .

If you are intrigued by a trip of this type, you can rely on Sorrento Trips, a local company that offers rental services for boats, convertible cars and scooters.

With Sorrento Trips, in fact, you will have the opportunity to participate in the boat tour to Ischia & Procida, a unique opportunity to explore both islands, not far from each other, in a single day.

During the first part of the tour, we will stop in Ischia, the largest of the Parthenopean islands, to see its most important attractions. Subsequently, we will continue towards Procida which you can visit by walking along the narrow streets of the port and among the typical pastel-colored houses, and then have lunch in a local restaurant.

The tour lasts 8 hours and starts in Sorrento. It can accommodate up to 12 people, but it is a private tour, which means that the boat will be at your complete disposal and that you can enjoy this magical experience with your family, friends or partner. Included in the price is the presence of a skipper (the captain) who will take care of guiding the boat and everything related to its management, so you will not have to worry about anything, except to relax and have fun.

Also included in the rate are other pleasant services such as a well-stocked minibar and snorkeling equipment, for those who love to swim on the surface while admiring the seabed.

This tour allows you to see the beauties of Procida, but Sorrento Trips also organizes many other sightseeing tours to explore numerous other destinations in the Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula. This is the case of Capri tour, for example, to discover all the attractions of Capri or, for those who want to see the wonders of Amalfi, there is a tour to Amalfi and Positano.

The offer available is very wide and also includes some group tours, ideal for those traveling alone or wanting to save money, and which have as their destination Capri, Amalfi and Positano. For more information, you just have to take a look at the page dedicated to boat tours or contact the Sorrento Trips staff!



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